Match Report Ladies 9 October 12th

Final score: WaHo DS 9 – WaHo DS 8 (2-3)

This season, we started our year with a big win. And of course, we liked the taste of it and were hungry for more. This game, against ladies 8, was our chance to put ourselves on the map, as some already did last Tuesday.

The evening started with Sofia arriving five minutes  before the game, as per usual. However, that could not press the fun. With a positive mindset, we walked on the field, as always we were a bit too early and had to go back to the border of the line and try again. We heard the tribune shouting and sheering for us as we walked on the field. We would like to thank you all for coming to the game. Gents 1 might be a bit sad that they didn’t have anyone on the tribune for them.

The first set is always the hardest one. Like a bite of a melon. Once you get through that, the taste of sweet and tender fruit is reached. Our melon was quite hard as we lost the first set. But we were sure we would reach the flesh of the fruit in no time. With this attitude we got of the field and were cheered on by our wonderful coaches and fans.

Now, enough about melons, lets switch to peaches, because peaches have pit and we also had pit in the second set. We won. Ladies 8 got really getting scared all of the sudden! It was amazing.

The third set was more like a mango, because we had even more pit. We won again. This time, with even a bigger difference in points. It was marvellous.

We already proved we were not an easy apple to peel and it was not apple(tje) egg(je) to defeat us. However, we got too cocky and let our guards down. So, unfortunately, the fourth set we had to bite through the sour apple. We lost.

But we still had the fifth set to get things right! We had enough of our sour apple. We looked at  the fifth set and it turned out to be a giant dragon fruit. It looked amazing, but the reality was bad. We lost the set, and with that, the game. This was bitter like grapefruit, but we are still proud of what we’ve accomplished and we hope that we can keep on getting better! It certainly was a very exciting and challenging match against Ladies 8!