Final score: WaHo HS 4 – Xanthos HS 4 (1-3)

Last Friday we played a match against Xanthos HS4. It was our last match before Christmas break, so we had to take this opportunity to get some set points we desperately needed. You have to know that in the ranking we are currently at the 12th place, so there is room for going up in the ranking. Playing against Xanthos (11th place in ranking) was the perfect opponent for this task.

We started of with a nice first set, which we won, due to our skills, enthusiasm, group spirit and energy. We had some nice attacks and even the serves went fine, which normally can be regarded as point for improvement for the next training.

With a nice winning spirit we started the second set, but somehow we started to make mistakes and lost the set. But it was a close call and both team really wanted to win the game.

In the third set you felt the rivalry between the teams got stronger. You have to know that at our level sometime we make mistakes (foot errors and net errors are not uncommon). So the two people from Xanthos started to make it clear to the referee that they didn’t like our way of playing. But the match continued.

But then, someone from our team lifted the ball (een onvervalste schepbeweging) but the referee didn’t whistle for it, so the people from Xanthos got annoyed again. So what do you do in such a situation as a grown up person? The next ball you get, you don’t hit the ball as you normally do. No, you catch it with both hands and throw it back. Of course the referee will whistle for it, and then you can start to complain that it was exactly what Waho did, and you say you were thinking it was a basketball game.

Apart from that small incident, the match continued as usual. In the end we lost the 3rd and 4th set as well, but we had worked hard for it. We won the first set, which made that evening fantastic and memorable, since we doubled our point in the ranking from 1 to 2!! With that results we can enjoy our Christmas break and focus on the second part of the season!