Archive: 2017, January

Match Report Gents 1 January 28th

Final score: Heyendaal HS 2 – WaHo HS 1 (3-1)
(and the ultimate power match between gents 1 and gents 2 resulted in a 3-1 victory for gents 1)

 Exams are coming closer, stress is incoming, but not last Friday. There was another show of testosterone and masculinity in the Bongerd. It was a nice Friday evening. The spirit was good. Julius was cooking some delicious meal at his place. A new player was joining us, Alex. We felt relaxed like we never did before. Because we knew we had the easiest match we would have in ages. We were having a match against gents 2. They challenged us for a match, of course we accepted that.

First set we gave them some positive mood to not let them come close to us. The second and third set we were thinking about the beers we would get from gents 2 after the match, so we finished them quickly. So an easy victory, as expected. We want to thank Peter and Bas for coaching us this match, they brought volleyball to an even higher intellectual level.

Than the fourth set, which we will describe from the other match which was played on Saturday. This match was against the students from Nijmegen; Heyendaal. For this match a WaHo veteran was joining, Jente. The fourth set was going well, almost every spike was a point and the pass was perfect. It was a show of perfection at its finest. The set was won with 8 points difference. We will not mention that we lost first three sets.

Match Report Ladies 4 January 19th

Final score: Pegasus DS 11 – WaHo DS 4 (0-4)

Thursday January 19th: the day on which the magic was supposed to happen. Ladies 4 had another match to play and this time we had to battle the 11th ladies team of Pegasus, Nijmegen. As it was just another Thursday night for public transport and our match started at 21.30, we first had to overcome some transportation issues for our way back from Nijmegen. All in all, our lovely coach and our team mate that only trains along could join us with a car to provide us with transport.

After a safe drive to Nijmegen we met up and were ready to kick some ass. Last time we won the match against Pegasus with 4-0, so we had to show we had not lost our powers. As well as they were in the 9th place and we were in the second place, we could not loose. Almost all of the ladies we had to play against were old (read: some even 55+ for sure), so our tactic would be to make the ladies tired in order to make it easier for us in the last sets.

In the first set however, this didn’t appear to be the way in which we would be winning. We were surprised by the way they played volleyball because it seemed to us that they were playing a different game (Quoted). They scored their points mostly by luck and dirty tactical balls. We weren’t able to score more points than they did, so we climbed up equally. Unfortunately, in the end we started to let it down and they started to score more than we did. However, as you might know, we like a little tension in the match in order to please our supporters (of which we had 2!). Therefore, we let them get to the 24 points and then we would come back. Luckily, our coming back was with success and we won this set with 26-24. (YAY!)

In the second set, we were aiming to get the tension again as high as possible for our supporters of course. We started making mistakes that were not particularly necessary and we were many points behind our opponents. As we could not let them actually win, we started playing proper volleyball in comparison with them and finally ended this set with 25-22, again a win for us! When it was time for the third set we really were going to fight for the win, since then at least we would have won the match. We started with a different setter, the one and only Hoogstra (who didn’t play the first 2 sets because she drank Champaign at the Bongerd before the match). It didn’t go very smoothly until somewhere in the middle of the set as from then we started to play almost perfectly. We ended this set with 25-16 and we were happy. Yes, we won this match and we were really going to show them how to play volleyball in the last set!

And yes of course, we did. Probably the oldies in the opponent’s team were getting tired (as we predicted in the beginning) and we took advantage of that. We won this last set with 25-17 leading to a 4-0 victory for us. We could use this victory in our fight for the first place. At this moment we are still in second, but we’re close to taking over the first place. Hopefully this will be soon!