Match Report Ladies 5 April 22nd

Final Score: Agilitas DS 8 – WaHo DS 5 (3-1)

Last Saturday we played our last game. With a good amount of energy and enthusiasm to play the match, we walked into the sports hall. The opponents were surprised by our great number of players and they were already scared. But that was not for long… Although they were one but last, they were quite good. How is it possible that they were ranked so low and played so good!? This startled us and we lost the first set. But we came back. In the second set, we played our own game and after a tactic switch of players by our coach Daniel we won! The other two sets the energy was back and we were on fire(ball) as usual. Especially Merle with her good serve. Once the coach of the opponents asked for a time-out to confuse Merle while serving. After the time-out, Merle served with her Danoontje power a bit too hard. Then the coach of the opponents shouted really hard: look how great coach I’m for asking the time out! But he got disappointed because the referee said there was a ball in the field (a ball that nobody saw) and Merle could serve again. After the game, we didn’t want to go home and instead we went to the city centre of Arnhem to stand there outside waiting, where it was really cold. But eventually Daniel and his harem of 11 very beautiful women could enter the Italian restaurant. We filled our hungry bellies with some delicious pastas and pizzas. We had a great time and nobody realized that it was already quite late. So after some swift goodbyes we all went home with a blissful feeling and filled belly. This last game was definitely a good ending of the volleyball season. Not only the matches we played but also the matches we watched together with the other WaHooligans. Hopefully next season will be as great as the last one, but to surpass this one will be hard.