Honorary members


Jacques’ story:

“My name is Jacques van Leersum, a pure local and born in the Hoogstraat under the church tower at the Market Square. I started as a water polo player at the Wageningen swimming and polo club “de Rijn”  but when the League went to Sunday they had a talent less because I had to look for  another sport:  volleyball. All the competition matches were played in two gyms at Arnhem on Saturdays. Before we started the match we had to clear the court and carry the chairs and a heavy piano up-stage. Therefor I am very pleased that I train beautiful students for a long time already  in the beautiful accommodation of the University Sport Centre. A real sports festival  and you’re invited too!”

Jacques teams say:

“Beyond any doubt, Jacques is the most memorable person you’ll ever meet at WaHo. He’s been with us for many decades, yet his enthusiasm is as vigorous and his trainings as energetic as ever. In his free time he also coaches gentlemen one, and wherever they take him he knows some old WaHo members. He enjoys a beer in the canteen, and is always delighted to recite his stories, vision, or advice. You’ll recognize him by his red scarf, his laughable quotes, his beard after summer holidays, and his typical English ‘blunders’ (he can’t train, because he’s blessed).”

Jacques has trained many WaHo-teams over the last decades and is enjoying his retirement now. He has become a honorary member of WaHo in 2019

Jacques van Leersum 2016