WaHo has many committees which all specialize in something else! All committees will introduce themselves below.

Advisory Committee

The purpose of the Advisory Committee (Raad van Advies) is to advise the board on matters which they find difficult or to give advice when the committee deems it necessary. This committee exists of former board members who took WaHo inside their hearts and want the absolute best for the association!

Current members: Anne Kruiper, Gijs Nieuwenhuizen, Joris Vink, Manon Runhaar, Warner Folders and Heske Lycklama à Nijeholt.


As the BLOKletters committee, we are responsible for making and sharing the BLOKletters, which is the beloved club magazine of WaHo! The BLOKletters is given out three times a year, and keeps our WaHosi updated on the latest facts and gossips about and within our beautiful association. The most popular rubric of the BLOKletters is the ‘BLOKjes’ in which we share the prettiest, most political correct and well thought out statements of our WaHosi ;). But also our survey results, WaHoroscope and Get to know… are appreciated rubrics, always presented in a certain theme.

As a committee, we meet up approximately once per month. Our meetings consist of cooking dinner together, eating kroepoek with peanut sauce and stimulating our creative minds by having some good drinks, eventually resulting in great ideas for the upcoming edition! The committee consists of five members. We always have a lot of fun working on the BLOKletters, and hope you have fun reading it too!

Current members: Stella Omtzigt, Arjen bel, and Britt Hilgersom.


The IntrodukCie organizes different activities in the beginning of the year to improve integration within the association. In the first 2 periods of the year we organize activities like a tournament, pubquiz and more. Also, we host an introduction party every year! We show you how WaHo likes to party, but is also a nice way to meet new people. By joining these activities, you do not only get to know your teammates, but other teams, the board and the IntrodukCie as well. Besides organizing all the activities, we are always ready to make a nice chat. We love to meet new people and make you feel comfortable in our association. You can contact us at

Current members: Anke van Mierlo, Niek Noortman, Luca Smit, Ilse Langeslag, Esther Altenburg, Meike Terpstra and Anique Busschers.

Cash Control Committee

The KCC (‘cash control committee’) can be seen as the advisory committee for the treasurer of WaHo. Mainly existing out of old treasurers, they can give insight and tips on how to handle any hurdles on the path of the current treasurer. Besides, they check the bookkeeping, balance and any other financial documents of the current treasurer.

Current members: Anne Kruiper and Warner Folders.


Hi! As the PromoCie we are responsible for keeping up with all of the promo for our amazing association, such as the social media accounts and our website. Besides this we also make sure there is enough material to promote WaHo at the AID (so we can hand out pens and stickers) and this year we will have the most amazing stand again due to the addition of our new banner and flag! We are giving the website a highly needed make-over and we are very excited to show you all about our lovely association on our social media accounts.

Current members: Britt Hilgersom, Manouk Jansen, Anke van Mierlo, Bram Schiebroek, Brent Meier and Madelon Harmens.


Hi, we as the shirtcie are responsible for the merchandise of waho. We are currently with six members, but more people are always welcome if you have some great ideas. Every year we have a sales moment in october and february AND a discount day by intersport AND once a year we launch new merchandise. So make sure you look out for these day! By the way, if you are interested in managing the merchandise line of WaHo, if you simply love our competition shirts, or if you are looking for a nice committee to join at WaHo, be sure to send an e-mail to with your name and motivation and we’ll surely contact you!

Current members: Anne Kruiper, Britt Hilgersom, Kate Commandeur, Lena Rutgers, Esther Hullegien and Stella Omtzigt.


The sponcie is a committee where WaHooligans have come together to search for new sponsors and keep our existing sponsors up to date. 💸 As part of the sponcie our main role is to manage the sponsorships to support our closely connected treasurer! We are always looking for new partnerships with lovely companies that want to support WaHo, for instance shoe-fitting nights or other activities. In the committee we divide the short tasks after having meetings and also get together for dinners and board games! Money money money, must be funny, in the rich man’s world! In the future, we will also be managing the reunionists. Companies currently sponsoring WaHo are Vision Direct Nederland, Meo Lease and Fysiotherapie Vis.

If you are interested in a collaboration with WaHo in the field of sponsoring you should contact They will provide you with more information considering the collaboration.

Current members: Jeroen Breeuwer, Koen Linthorst, Guus Nellissen, and Britt Hilgersom.

Technical Committee

The Technical Committee (TC) is responsible for the team divisions. Most of their work happens at the start of the year, when the new teams are composed. During the year the teams are evaluated and the strong and weak points are determined. Sometimes, when members are injured, ill for a long time, quit the team or new players show up, changes may be necessary. At the end of the year all members will fill out a survey with questions about how they experienced the season at WaHo. The trainers and coaches also judge their teams on competence and effort.

Current members: Lauke Bouter, Tessa Kokje, Gijs Nieuwenhuizen, Imme de Vor, Luc Dael, Heske Lycklama à Nijeholt and Milou Moolhuizen.


The Toernooicie organises tournaments throughout the year for both WaHo and not WaHo members. We have organized beach tournaments, grass tournaments, open tournaments for non-WaHo-members and we plan to organize even more themed tournaments. This way you get to know other WaHo members and we let people get to know the sport of volleyball. If you have ideas for a nice tournament, you can always email us:

Current members: Davita Bosveld, Milou Moolhuizen, Warner Folders, Max van der Weijden and Judith Meulman.


The Waxie is the activity committee of WaHo. They make sure that besides playing volleyball we also bond off court. They do this by organizing an activity every month. During the year they organize activities such as the famous Diner Rouler, a Sinterklaas activity, a New Years drinks and many more. Besides organizing activities within the association the Waxie also makes sure we can attend tournaments that aren’t organized by WaHo itself. The SVU night tournament in Amsterdam is visited each year and also Hajraa, the biggest outdoor grass tournament in Europe, is attended every year by various members of WaHo!

Current members: Max van der Weijden, Sari van der Meer, Luc Dael and Manouk Jansen.


The WeekendCie is responsible for the organization of the one and only very amazingly wonderful WaHo weekend! This is a weekend full of nice activities, beer and opportunities to make memories. We really look forward to organizing it and hope to see you all there!

The organisation of the WaHo weekend 2023 consisted of: Stella Omtzigt, Marit Meinsma, Joy Deeders, Joris Vink and Tijs Pen.