You can join WaHo if you are a Student at the Wageningen University as long as you have sports rights*.

The costs for being a WaHo member depend on whether you play competition or not. All WaHo teams, except for ladies 12, gents 6 and gents 7, participate in the Dutch competition system of the NeVoBo.

This year, the WaHo contribution is €101,75 for competition players and €40,00 for training-only players. This contribution is build up as follows:

  • The costs for training at WaHo are €4,00 a month. Usually our members stay at least a whole (academic) year, which means that the costs are €40,00 a year for the trainings (the two months summer vacation excluded).
  • The costs to play in the NeVoBo competition at WaHo are €61,75 per person (if your team consists of 12 players, if there are less players in your team this number might be a bit higher). These costs include a €17,50 NeVoBo registration fee. 
  • Since ladies 1 and gents 1 play in a higher class, contribution for these teams is higher:
  • Ladies 1 plays third division. The costs to play in this class are €97,33 instead of €61,75, which sums up to a total contribution of €137,33. 
  • Gents 1 plays promotion class. The costs to play in this class are €93,50 instead of €61,75, which sums up to a total contribution of €133,50.

When you join WaHo at a random point during the season, the contribution will be lowered, based on the exact amount of months that you are a member. 

WaHo works with an automatic money transfer (also called: automatische incasso/direct debit). Each year, around November, the WaHo contribution will be withdrawn from your bank account automatically.

*When you are a member of WaHo you should have sports rights so you are allowed to make use of the sport facilities. You can buy these at the Bongerd and the price is dependent of your study instance. Due to the rules set by SWU Thymos, all students who are a member of a student sports association have to buy sports rights for the whole year, even if you are just attending for half a year.