Update on WaHo activities

It had been a while since we last posted something about our awesome association. So here’s an update about all the fun things we’ve been doing since the competition ended!


It is already a while ago, but we are still very happy to announce that our Ladies 1, Ladies 3 and Ladies 4 are promoted!
Ladies 1 became champions in the promotion class after a successful season. Even though they had to deal with a lot of injuries during the season they managed to stay in leading position since one of the first weeks. Next year you can see them shine with their ‘patat mayonais’ shirts, pink bathrobes and pink socks in the third division!

Ladies 3 and Ladies 4 both became second in their championship and had to play promotion matches to go to the second class. They went to Lunteren to play the matches against the other teams and each other.  Luckily Ladies 4 managed to end first and Ladies 3 second so they will both accompany Ladies 2 in the second class next year.


While the match season might be over, that does not mean that we’ve stopped seeing each other at WaHo! Want to know about the activities we’ve been enjoying? Then don’t stop reading!

Blacklight tournament

Thursday the 13th of april was the night of the blacklight tournament. Twenty teams of university students, which were allowed to only have 3 WaHo members, played some volleyball in the dark. Luckily the court, the net and the ball were decorated with some glow in the dark tape. Every team did also bring a nice team outfit to stand out, with a little bit of help from the special glow in the dark paint the Waxie brought. It was a very fun evening with lots of beer, volleyball and very little light.

WaHo Weekend

The weekend of 19th till 21st of May was the WaHo weekend. About 60 of our lovely WaHooligans travelled to Ermelo to join this amazing weekend organized by the WeekendCie. After most of us arrived, the WeekendCie provided us with a delicious pasta and the firsts tepid Schult.

The first evening was filled with a beer cantus. Some nice songs were sung, a lot more Schults were consumed and even the A-team was there. Because the songs were sung very loudly, and unfortunately the neighbors did not appreciate our singing, the cantus had to stop halfway. After this, a part of the group decided to go see the center of Ermelo (some more than others), while the rest stayed at our sleeping arrangements.

Next day the group was divided in three. Each group got to go to a beer brewery, and enjoy a beer tasting, while the other groups were enjoying themselves in the forest by playing volleyball or just relaxing. That night we had a ‘bonte avond’, again divided into groups, we had to show our creative minds. And with dance moves, a quiz, very nice storytelling (and acting) and a rewritten song, we can say that this certainly succeeded. After we build a campfire, which some of us enjoyed so much they stayed there until the next morning!

The Sunday was very relaxing, with a slip and slide, nice sunny weather and all around laziness.


Wiswa Tournament

Last Saturday the annual WISWA tournament took place. Although the weather forecast predicted stormy weather, the whole day turned out to be nice, it was even sunny, so everyone could enjoy the good weather and nice volleyball matches! In the morning the teams competed against each other and there were some exiting games! After a well-deserved lunch, including some refreshing ice-cream, the afternoon matches started. Here every team battled at its own level, and we were proud to see a lot of WaHo teams competing in the high level groups, well done! After the matches it was time for the barbecue and a beer or two. We would like to thank everyone who made this day so much fun and we hope to see you all next year again. Some nice photos of the day are made, these can be found on

Upcoming events
These activities were all a lot of fun, but we’re still not finished!! There are still some activities until the summer holidays that we will enjoy. First this coming weekend some of our members will be participating in the GNSK (Dutch student championship) that will take place in Eindhoven.
Then next week our active members, who have in some way or another helped our association this last year, will enjoy a active members evening, with a BBQ and activities organized by the board.
Then that weekend around 60 WaHooligans will join the Hajraa outdoor tournament in Eindhoven. With two days of partying and playing volleyball this should be a weekend to remember.