Match Report Ladies 7 October 6th

Final score: Waho DS 7 – SSS DS 8 (0-4)

Two weeks ago, we had an exciting match against SSS DS9 which we won against with 2-3. Last week, we met SSS D8 on the field who were clearly more experienced ladies and we had to leave the field with a loss. However, we battled hard! This was also due to our awesome interim coach Bart Turk, who’s unending enthusiasm and positivity helped us get better during the game.  Let me tell you.

The first set, we had to warm up to the opponent a little and we had to battle hard to keep up with the opponent. We battle hard. After our first time-out, we came back a little but the first set was for our opponent.  20-25. They are good and they had a libero! Do not aim for her, she’s quite good and fast (an advice to the other fourth-class lady teams).

During the second set, the match had more energy, more enthusiasm and we got a little warmer. We started out with a (small) head start, Turk was proud and gave more of his positivity! However, it did not support us enough in the end and we lost it 22-25. The opponent was just a little bit better

What happened during this set is a little bit unclear. However, I think it was quite quick a quite painless and therefore we will not dwell on this third set. 7-25.

Something nobody could have expected. In the last set, we got out a little ahead of the opponent during the last part of the set. For a few minutes, we could win this set! 20-20, it caught exciting, but my fellow teammates battled on. 23-24. Next was ours! 24-24 and after that, our excitement was a little out of control and the set ended with 24-26. We almost had it! So next time, we will be better and get at least that last set, but the aim will be higher. Let’s win net match against this opponent!