Match report Ladies 6 October 17th

Final score: WaHo DS 6 – Excelsior DS 1 (0-4)

After an intensive and fanatic training, the atmosphere in the team was very good and was ladies 6 ready for the upcoming match at the 17 November. Before the match, we all ate dinner together to have our tummies completely filled up and to enhance the team bonding that nothing can stop us anymore. That the opponent was ranked third on the nevobo composition scheme did not affect our good moods for the match at all! However, our one and only captain (Emma) was not present at this game and made us a little sad…she ditched us for a gala with a waho boy. Unfortunately, we lost the match with 4-0, but the opponent did have to fight for it as we did not give up that easily! Especially in the third set, almost all of Waho came to support us and the loud shouting intimidated our opponent a lot. Many songs were sang and aggressive, demotivated yells were shouted and perplexed our opponent completely and for a little while we got the upper hand in the game. We want to thank everyone who supported us that evening and for the very exciting match in the last set. Unfortunately in the end we still lost very close with 27-25. Nonetheless, a game can be won in two different ways, and although we lost the match, we won for ourselves. The team spirit will be from now on unbroken and we will continue to fight!

With love,

Ladies 6

PS: Your coach is very proud of you ladies!

Match Report Gents 3 November 10th

Final score: WaHo HS 3 – D.O.S. HS 3 (4-0)

When it comes to volleyball’s Heren 3e Klasse M, some of you might ask who D.O.S. HS 3 is. Well, that is the team that was defeated by WaHo HS 3 last Friday, although they played well throughout all four sets. Right from the beginning we stand as a team, cheering each other up, to be clearly victorious in the first set 25-16. Although the own mistakes were the greatest enemy in the following two sets we could decide them 25-19 and 25-22 for us. Some good attacks and strategic plays were enabled by precise sets that were from time to time difficult to play because of one or the other sloppy pass. However, our setters run a lot to make the best out of everything. Our teamwork tipped the balance in the end and helped us winning the second set. However, the teamwork did not work that well in the third set anymore. A lot of mistakes and wrong positioning breached a hole in our, till then, stable moral. More or less the first eight or nine points were lost already before we got our shit together in a timeout and get a motivating speech from our awesome trainer. The chase of set three started. That it got that close in the end was really unnecessary but even more relieving because it sealed the win of the match. Maybe the feeling of being already the winner gave us a huge self-confidence in the beginning of set four and made us play relieved. However, at two points to the ultimate win, we gave the opponent some free points due to unfocused and imprecise play which lead to the final result of 25-21. Ultimately, we deserved the 4-0 win and go confident and proud into the next training and match against an opponent that will give us a possible bigger task to chew on and fight for.

Cheers from the victorious with NO YELL, the rainbow high in the field that has Nick(s) against screaming like a Greek god, the too tall fucker that sneaky sets like a German veteran, the stoned, white haired wannabe stripper that is, OMG, so young and of course Tosti.