Match report Ladies 9 December 2017

You might wonder, huh, a match report from ladies 9, but I’ve never seen them play a match! Well,
you’re not wrong, we (sadly) never play a match in the Bongerd, we compete in the Olympia
Competition, which is held in the Olympia Hall. Our last match was cancelled because of the weather,
so we’ll have to write a report about our last match, which is now about 2 weeks ago. Now, let me
explain the Olympia competition real quick: you have 4 classes, 1 to 4, and we compete in the 4 th
class. Matches consist of 3 sets, which each take 20 minutes. So, each matches takes an hour to play.
Now, in our last match, something fun happened: our whole team was complete, so we were 12
ladies strong. In the Olympia Competition, almost everything is allowed, so half way through the 2 nd
set, we switch the whole team! A new setter, dia, two new outsiders and middles! It was insane, but
at the same time really fun. In the end, we sadly didn’t win the game, we lost 2 sets and tied 1. But,
we had to compete against the number 1 of our poule, and we played a good match, so it didn’t feel
like we lost.

We think it is about time we play a match in the Bongerd! Go Foxies!!

Love, Ladies 9