Match report Gents 3 January 12th & 16th

Final scores: WaHo HS 3 – SSS HS 8 (0-4) & Invicta HS 3 – WaHo HS 3 (4-0)

Not one, but two matches we can talk about! The only stupid thing about this is having to admit we lost both matches with 4-0…

On Friday, we played a match against SSS HS 8. Last time we won with 3-1, and had to win that match with 4-0. However, this time the tide was completely turned. Somehow, they managed to read our game and played very good. We had no response to their good game and lost every set. Only the second set was quite exciting ending in a 27-25 loss. Nobody really knew what happened, so we decided to let it pass and focus on our next match on Tuesday.

After a good training on Monday (with only 8 players) we had confidence in the match against Invicta HS 3. From experience some of us knew that they are always hard to beat, especially in ‘de Vlinder’. With Nicola as our new Opposite we started playing. The first two sets were pretty good from our side, however they still had the upper hand. At the end of the second set we were in front with 24-21, but unfortunately managed not to win that set. The third set was nothing special. However the fourth set was a special one, and not in a good way. Somehow we managed to get 10-1 behind, and we started to lose faith. After some changes in the field it went better, but we could only end with a score of  13 points.

It’s unfortunate that we lost two matches so close to each other. However we will fight back and will win matches again!