Match Report Gents 4 February 9th

Final Score: Waho HS4 – Invicta HS3 (0-4)

Friday the 9th of February another day passed by. But after this awful day, a gorgeous
evening started. This evening, should be THE evening. Hours and hours of practise should
collide. The line-up was one of the most promising ever. A total number of 4 not injured and
fit players showed up. Although one of these 4 was Spanish, which is a disability itself.
Luckily, the Spanish Armada was not complete so our chances were still there.
The only Spanish present was Juan who unfortunately played his last match with us. The
moment you are reading this match report our poor friend will have succumbed to the
Spanish Flu. In Memoriam Juan Belda Llopis. 3 other players showed up, showing complete
dedication and excitement for the match, not like the absent players with weak excuses of
being on holiday in some foreign country. A skull fracture was not enough to keep our insane
friend Jari off the bench and even that piece of shait Krishanu was running, with a metal pin
in his ankle, for almost the whole match. Even one of the writers of this match report is a
WAHO-infidel temporarily recruited because of re-exams and us not having enough time
beforehand to write a decent report (looking at you PromoCie).
The opponents, our fellow team from Wageningen, Invicta HS3 looked very sharp, they even
had a libero. A tiny Chinese girl which had an incredibly good pass. Of course our intelligent
coach Evelien told us not to aim for her, so of course we played every ball at her because we
can’t aim for shit. Evelien got very disappointed at our disability to perform basic tasks, maar
gelukkig doet de mening van Evelien er #NietToe. Our other coach, Tjerk, was watching
drowsy at our match, most likely due to the beer in his bidon. Is anyone reading surprised? I
think not. Is anyone still reading this? I think not. Unfortunately he did not want to share his
beer with us, the greedy bastard.
Talking about greedy bastards, Genst 3 stole our pitch again, so the Wahooligan support was
lacking for us. So Gibran had to ruin his voice for our support. Is anyone surprised? I think
not. We look forward to next week when we play the derby against them, so we expect to
finally get the support we need and we think we deserve.
Who doesn’t like the underdog story? We do.

Oh yeah, we lost 4-0. Anyone wanting match related information, contact Ivo de Graaf.​