Match Report Ladies 5 September 29th

Final Score: WaHo DS5 – Woudenberg DS3 (1-3)

Ladies 5 has started the new season ‘’fresh and fruity’’, and this time in the 3rd class. We, as Ladies 5, expect more challenges this season, which will result in more exciting matches. The first game was not disappointing at all, and we won with 3-2!! Last Saturday, we played our second game in Woudenberg. Many players of our team already did some research about the opponents. It was a team with a lot of young players, something we already expected. We played against Woudenberg Ladies 3. There were a lot of absent players this first Saturday-match of the season, and therefore we had two ladies from Ladies 7 with us, Karen and Jildou. Besides this, our very own Marije had to play on the middle position, while she is normally an outside hitter. We started the game with all Ladies 5 players in the field. The set went well, but unfortunately we lost the set with 25-19. The second set we started with the same players as the first set. This time, Woudenberg was on point and they really started to play some decent volleyball, but that did not stop us from making it really exciting. There were nice service series from Karin and Roosmarijn, but unfortunately we also lost this set (25-22). In the third set, Guido decided to change course, by making Marije an outside hitter again and by placing Jildou at the middle position. We started very well and kept the lead the whole set. With some tactical advises from Guido we won some nice points. At the last moment, this set became a little exciting, but we won with 23-25! We started the fourth set with the same players as the third set, hoping that it would result in a set victory, and therefore playing a fifth set. The set started well, but in the long run, some players became hungry and we lost some points. Unfortunately, we lost the game (25-19), but we gave some good resistance! All in all, we fought really hard and it was really nice that Jildou could join us and score some really nice points.
We have to get used to the fact that we could have some resistance of the opponents, instead of winning a lot of matches with 4-0 in the 4th class. We are looking forward to the revenge game to Woudenberg in Wageningen. Hopefully, our own players will be present in a greater amount, so that we can win this game! And for all our games, cheering us to a victory is always nice!

Lots of love,
Ladies 5