Match Report Gents 3 October 5th

Final Score: WaHo HS 3 – Nuovo HS 3 (2-3)

WaHo HS 3 had quite a rough and chaotic start this season, so we were very driven for the first win of the season. With a good but quite hungover atmosphere we entered the court with high spirits last Friday, the 5th of October. Our opponent was Nuovo HS 3, and they did not look as old and slow as we were used to, so we did not expect a sure victory.

But, against all odds, our hungover bodies turned out to start the match very solidly. We won the first set and spirits started to rise. The second set was nevertheless very chaotic, caused by Nuovo’s powerful substitute wing player. We were caught of guard that set, but we regained our confidence and pulled ourselves back together, dominating the third set with strong services.

Somehow, Nuovo managed to put more pressure on us, bringing back the chaos in our team. This resulted in a dramatic loss of the fourth set. But, humour and fun being our drivers, we started the fifth set with positive energy again. After a good start, we slowly lost control and after very tense last points, Waho HS3 unfortunately lost the fifth set with 12-15. With an end result of 2-3 we were a bit down at first, but one beer later the disappointment was pretty much gone.