Final score WaHo ds1 – Set up ’69 ds1 (4-0)

The walls of theBongerd saw some high class concentration on the volleyball field last Friday. Two teams who were very eager to win were ready for a nice match. Unfortunately there was (again) only one referee. In the end he did a decent job on his own, but it’s always better to have a second ref.

The flagship came to the court full of energy and positivity (and a belly full of potatoes). They did not think too much about what was going to go down. The goal was not to get distracted by the opponents or their coach. That is what in the end let to the victory of 4-0 against Set Up ’69 D1.

We started strong with the service pressure and we got back up again after a few mistakes. We heard that the opposite team will try to hit us as hard as they could. Luckily for us we have tall girls at the net, who could easily block their attacks and our tall ladies went around and over their blocks like it was a piece of cake. Spikes hit the floor and the opponents hard, while the services kept them under pressure. this led to a clean 25-18 first set win.

The second set was almost a copy of the first set. With beautiful blocks, attacks and hard services. A few communication errors couldn’t distract our ladies and the second set was won with 25-16.

The third set was a bit more difficult. After some own mistakes it took a little longer to get back on track. But after some good service series and amazing setting of Vaiva, which made it possible for the offense to score beautiful points, it was WaHo who won the third set with 25-21.

Now all that was left to do was win the last set for the bonus point, and that was just what our ladies did. 25-22 and the victory earned.

In conclusion, everyone gave 120% and did their part as supposed to. That was why the game went so smoothly as it did. It was a great team effort that let us take all 5 point and brought us to the 1st place of our pool after 5 matches played.

Peace out for the next weekend our FFF (Fans, Family and Friends).
See you on the 3rd November in Harderwijk where we will meet with VVH D1!