Final score: WaHo DS 3 – Scylla DS 3 (3-2)

Friday (26th October) we played against another team from Wageningen: Scylla. According to the ranking, we were going to win this match, however, we still had to prove this of course. Contrary to the other home matches, we played at 21:30 o’clock, so we could warm up our throats by cheering Gents 1 to the victory. They showed us how it has to be done! Of course we also wanted to do this, but even better with 5 points.

At least we proved that we lost our starting problems at the beginning of each match. However, we still needed to get going during the first set, but we got the hang of it and won the first set with 25-20!

Also, the second set was ours, so the first two points of the match were quickly ours. This second set was won with 25-22. We showed nice attacks and the opponent could not keep up with our speed. Unfortunately we slowed down our progress in the third set we when had a little break down. Maybe, we lost our Danoontje powerrr, or we had too much of Danoontje powerr. Our attacks either hit the net or landed outside the field. Scylla knew very well how to handle this and showed their good side and took the set from us with 25-19.

We needed to retrieve ourselves. Although, we like playing long and fun games, we were not planning on playing a fifth set. Unfortunately, this dream did not become a reality. We were still a little stuck in our misfortune and lost the set with 25-23. It was an exciting set in which Scylla showed that they had grown in the game and were a good match.

As easily as we got bad luck in the third and fourth set, we returned the favour in the fifth set. We found our strength again and showed who really was the best playing team. In this set we totally destroyed Scylla with 15-4. So a 3-2 victory was ours!

The public on the stands was not to blame, we were very happy with with the WaHooligans who came to support us to victory.

Next week, on thursday the 8th of November, we will play our next match in Barneveld against SSS ladies 5 at 21:00 o’ clock. We will of course do our best to take the victory and hopefully 5 points to the cantine, so please make sure the victory beer is ready!