Final Score: WaHo DS 4 – BSVO DS 2 (4-0)

After a good meal cooked by Leanne in the jungle, with a Hamster stealing our food we eager to get to the Bongerd and play our match. We walked into our regular changing room, and looked the opponent straight in the eye, so we decided to go somewhere else. After some bad music during our warming up (thanks to gents 2) we were ready to play our match!

We started with Eline, Maryse, Caya, Senna, Anniek, Loes and our substitute Libero Leanne. For a moment, we made them believe they had a chance against us. But then we decided what we got in our Mars. Loes and Maryse served us back into the match, we went up and over. Finally, we came to a 25-17 set victory!

Since we did well the first set, Nardy decided to let everyone stand. We had some really nice attacks and good services. During the set, we had 2 substitute players Anna and Regina, who were smashing them away. Furthermore, we were singing like nightingale at the top of our lungs, which resulted in 25-14!

The third set, we started with new spirit, Carmen and Laura joined Anna, Anniek, Loes, Regina and Leanne in the field. With this set-up we played with our tallest team, which resulted in a massive advantage at the net. And again, we had lot of service pressure, so we decide to set the goal to keep them under 5. Unfortunately, we failed because it resulted in 25-7. Too bad, no free beers!

Now we of course wanted to take all of the points, so we were determined to win the 4th set as well. However we were warned since the last game BSVO played the also lost the third set with a monster score (25-5) but they came bake and won the set  with 30-28. But with our power team consisting of Caya, Regina, Carmen, Laura, Maryse, Anna and Leanne we were determined not to let that scenario play out. And we didn’t, we also won this set! This was our second victory of the season. Fun fact: so far every match we won was with a 4-0 victory!