Final score: WaHo DS 8 – SSS DS 10 (4-0)

Hello dear WaHosi!

Last Friday, the illustrious Ladies 8 played their ninth match of the season against SSS Ladies 10. Due to a shortage in personnel, two players from Ladies 6 were recruited and Erianne and Eva joined for the match. After solving this problem, the team was ready to go!

After a majority of the team devoured a healthy meal at Nicky’s place, everybody met up at dressing room 3 to change in the lovely – albeit a bit suffocating – WaHo red. The next stop was field 3, where we were scheduled to play. The whole hall was an organised chaos with members from all teams building their fields and walking everywhere. In this chaos, SSS managed to find our field as well and started their warming up.

Because we have a slight problem of over- and/or underestimating our opponents we entered the field cautiously. It turned out it wasn’t going to be too hard to beat SSS. The first set was won with 25 – 9. The next set wasn’t all too different. We quickly managed to take a vast lead due to a nice service series by Erianne. We didn’t give this lead away and won the second set by 25 – 3. The third set got the same result as the first: 25 – 9. To give this set extra flair, the last point was scored by playing the ball through the basketball hoop which is quite the achievement.

The last set proved to be whole other story. Contrary to the previous three sets, SSS quickly took the lead and was determined to keep it that way. They almost got their way and we had to work hard to turn it all around. SSS was frustrated began to whine to the referee but drew a blank. Finally, WaHo drew the longest straw and this set was also won with 25 – 21.

Next week on Thursday, we will take on SSS once again. This time, however, on their home turf. Will Supertakkie and his team emerge from this lion’s den as the winners? We’ll see.