Final score: Nuovo DS 2 – WaHo DS 6 (1-3)

Saturday, the 24th of November, is a black page in the history books written about team ‘Foxies’. It all started so innocent travelling by bus to Doorwerth as a team (euhum). Only two players were so brave (or stubborn, depending on your point of view) to travel by bicycle. Meeting up in Doorwerth we were excited to play our match against Nuovo D2, as they could give us some resistance and maybe even ruin our 4-0 winning streak. Unfortunately our libero was missing (probably too scared to lose our 4-0 winning streak), although we managed to step out of the dressing room confidently and excited to win this match. Glancing at the audience we saw the grandparents of Eva, our wing, cheering and waving at us. Later in the match even Jacques could be spotted in the public admiring our volleyball skills. The first set flew by as did our serves and smashes, giving Nuovo only 10 points before winning this small game. In the second set we continued pressuring our opponents, however they gave us more resistance, ending up with a score of 18-25 in favor of the ‘Foxies’. And now comes the hardest part to talk about, the phenomenon that made the history page turn black. As we really began to feel the hole our libero Maree left behind, we started to play more and more sloppy. Nuovo took their chance and pinned a couple of balls right in the middle as we stood paralyzed looking at how the ball hit the ground. We left the field stunned by a 25-20 defeat. Luckily, we managed to come back and we won the fourth set with 18-25, still taking happily 4 points to Waggatown.