Final score: Heyendaal DS 12 – WaHo DS 7 (2-3)

Last Thursday we (ladies 7) travelled to Nijmegen. This is a familiar place for Sophie, as she has played a lot of volleyball matches there in the past. Prepared as we are (for the traffic jams around rush hour) we arrived in Nijmegen on time. We had a lot of motivation to do our very best, because this team had only 3 points more than we and had played 2 games less. We knew it would be an exciting match! We even brought supporters from Wageningen: Douwe and Hera came to cheer us on ?

In the first set, we played very well. We made no mistakes, the pass arrived at the setter perfectly, the setter set the ball perfectly, and the attack was amazing. Therefore, we won this set with 25-15. This gave us a lot of confidence! Playing so well against a team that was some places higher in the competition.

In the second set, we switched all players. They had to warm up a little but finished it amazingly well. This set was also won by us with 25-17!

In the third set, we started worse than in the first two sets. We even lost a lot of points which made the other team gain on us. The opponent started to receive our attacks better and they started attacking better themselves too. In the end, we fought really hard, but unfortunately, we lost this set with 27-25.

In the fourth set we were not playing very well anymore either. This set was lost as well. As we are known for our 5-set-games, we had done it again: we had to play the fifth set. In this season, we had not won a fifth set ever. But we really really really wanted to! So, very we were very anxious to start the fifth set. With professional coaching from Bram, we eventually won this set! Finally!

With a sporty and nice feeling, we travelled back to Wageningen. On our way home, we even picked up a straggler called Douwe… ?