Final score: D.O.S. HS1 – WaHo HS2 (3-1)

Friday the 7th of December. It was the day of the release of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The day of the release of the first trailer for Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame. But most importantly, it was the day of the next match of WaHo Gents 2. And it was not just any match, we had to defend our first place against D.O.S. HS 1 who were close behind us in second place.

Our match preparation was a bit wacky this time. As usual, we had dinner at Guido’s place and played some Super Smash Bros. But when we had to leave there were some logistic issues. After a head counting, we found out not everyone would be able to fit in the cars, so someone had to go by public transport and miss part of the first set. Ultimately, Ivar sacrificed himself for the team (we owe him big time for this), and we raced to Lunteren where we had to play our match.

We also had some coach problems because Evelien couldn’t be there this time </3. But the legendary combo of Arno and Birgit helped us through the match. Also, Mór was especially impressed by the balls of the opponent. He liked to play with them very much.

Oh yes, about the match. Let’s talk about how that went.

We started the first set with Aiko on set, Bram on diagonal, Hera and Eus on outside, and Arjen and Guus on the middle. Furthermore, Guido had to swap his red match shirt for a white one this game because last week his knee decided to let him down again. So he played as our libero.

Determined we started the first set. Over the last few weeks our service had been our weak spot, but this game it went smoothly as f*ck. Also our pass was amazing, and Aiko could give every set he wanted. Short story, the set went great. But towards the end we made some mistakes and gave the opponent room to catch up with us. And well.. they did. After some nerve-wrecking rally’s and match points we ultimately lost the first set 27-25.

For the second set Ivar replaced Hera on the outside and Mór replaced Aiko on set. We scored the first point and immediately Ivar scored four more with his service. We started out great with a 5-0 advantage for us. The set itself went just as good as the first one, only this time we didn’t give our opponents any chance to come back. With 25-18 and some big grins on our face we easily took the second set from them.

Somehow the third set was erased from all of our minds by some mysterious high power. None of us knows what happened there, only that we started the fourth set knowing that we needed to get to the fifth set to still be able to win.

The line-up of the fourth set was the same as the second one. But our opponents didn’t gave it away as easily this time. We played well, but our pass was a bit off, and so were the sets. In the end, we just couldn’t score points anymore and the opponents created a big point gap in the score. At 24-15 behind, we managed to come back to 24-20. But that wasn’t enough as we lost the set 25-20, and the game with it.

Ultimately we could only take 1 point back to Wageningen, but we will have a sweet revenge on DOS when they come to us in the Bongerd. We’ll make sure to turn the tables then, and get our points back.