Final score: Trivos DS 2 – WaHo DS 2 (3-1)

New year, new chances! This was our very first match in 2019, and we were excited to start the year well and bring some points back to Wageningen. With Nynke gone to ladies 1, but Vero1 back into the team we felt quite ready for this match. We did have some start –up problems during the day: We started the day kind of sad because Eline felt too sick to play (we also may have been kind of happy about it as we now had enough space in the cars to bring everybody home (sorry, Eline)). After arriving in Wijchen, we found out that Lutskes quick fix of gluing the number on Fenna’s beautiful #1  shirt didn’t survive the holiday (see picture).

Luckily we had extra shirts so that problem was quite easily fixed.
After waiting another half hour on way too comfortable couches, and reading their not very positive comments on us in their program booklet, we finally could start warming up.
After warming up, we went to change from our warm-up shirts into the match shirts, when Nella found out that her shirt was missing from the bag! And as the referee already started the match she could not change her number anymore. Luckily we had a match shirt which had lost its number, so with creative thinking and some tape we managed to fix this problem as well (see picture 2).
Even after all this we managed to play very well, and win a set from the (then) number 6 in our poule.

BTW we might start up some sort of sponsoring action to get Emma some new arm sleeves as she is defending & diving so hard she’s getting holes in them….