Final score: WaHo DS 9 – Excelsior DS 2 (0-4)

Last Friday, we had quite an eventful match. It started with the search for Aniek’s home, which was all the way on the other side of Wageningen, even further than the Haarweg. When everybody finally found it, we had a delicious meal with many amusing stories from Merle and Ilse found her secret talent.

Then, the long way to the Bongerd began, in which we lost two people. After a while, we were finally complete and ready to play. The first set was pure chaos. We only just started with positions and it seemed like everybody forgot everything our amazing trainers have ever taught us. After two minutes, Karin decided to ignore the positions and that definitely improved the play. We lost.

And the next set we almost won, but didn’t. And the third we lost again, despite Ilse’s legendary head ball. There she stood, arms ready to receive the ball, but before it could get to her, she calmly withdrew them and hit the ball with her head so majestically that everybody was in shock. Because of this, the beautifully passed ball could not be transformed into an attack. So sad. The fourth set we also lost.

After this, we retreated to the canteen: defeated but still proud of Ilse. Here, we talked about almost every horrible tv program visible on the Dutch tv. After that, we called it a day and went home to our warm beds.