Final score: WaHo DS 4 – TweeVV DS 3 (3-2)

We were really excited for this match. Last time we played against TweeVV, we had a really close match. Unfortunately, we lost that one with 3-1, however the sets were very close and could have gone either way. So, we hoped that this time we would win in the end. There was a great ambiance, we were dancing and running at the same time.

We started the first set with Anniek, Carmen, Caya, Imke, Laura and Regina and our libero Anna. During the whole set we were pretty even. Both teams made a lot of points on the middle, however we scored with some tactical balls as well. Anna, our amazing libero, defended all the tactical balls of TweeVV, too bad for them. While the field team was really focused on scoring points, the bench with Eline, Leanne, Loes, Maryse and Senna was singing the whole time. It resulted in a win for us.

The second set, Loes and Leanne substituted Caya and Imke. The energy was really good and we started this set with a lead, when the first time out was called by TweeVV. Nardy was giving some tips and motivated us to keep up the good work. We were working really hard, however we had some difficulties with one of their services. So, Nardy needed to make some chances to get the serve back on our side. In the end, we won the set by working for each other, singing, playing tactical, spiking but mostly just by fighting.

Apparently our match wasn’t that exciting, the whole tribune thought it was time for beers and the hall became silent when we started with the third set. This time we started with Eline and Senna instead of Carmen and Laura. Unfortunately, we started a few points behind early on in the set. Even with some substitutes, a very active bench and some nice points, we did not manage to win this set.

The fourth set, we started with the idea that this would be the final set of today’s game and would lead us to a 3-1 victory. However, this confidence was lost fast when TweeVV started again with good services, to which we did not have a reply. Unfortunately we could not turn this set around and lost this one as well. The referee and counters were not very happy, as they were also very eager to drink some beers, so we promised them we would try and win the 5th set as fast as possible.

So the win all depended on this 5th and last set of the game. We started with Eline, Laura, Caya, Regina, Maryse and Leanne. The tribune was full again and cheering for us. We started really strong, as were determined to win this set and not let the victory slide. TweeVV gave some resistance with their good services, which got them back in the game. However, this time we kept fighting till the end won the game with 3-2.

We celebrated this victory some drinks and with a cake made by Maryse, since her birthday started at 12 o’clock that night. (If you were in the Bongerd, you might have heard us singing in the dressing room)