Final score: WaHo HS 1 – Pegasus HS 5 (2-3)

Dear WaHosi,

Everything was going well. Some of us had a nice dinner together with some beautiful ladies of Ladies 8. We had a good feeling, having won the first match against these bastards, and we started the match off pretty well. The first set was way too easy, and we won 25-10. The second set started quite good as well, but then… Out of nowhere a majestic creature so big, so thicc, so full-bodied, so solid, so plump, so corpulent, so blubbery, so humongous, appeared on the field. All the guys were astonished by the presence of this fine creature. When the whale was halfway over, all we could think was we want MĂłr flopping. When the whale finally flopped off the field, our minds were completely gone. Luckily, we still won this set. But after this, everything went apeshit. The rest of the match is not to be discussed. I (someone from gents 1) really wanted to hurt the opponents, but I was the bigger person. Not as big as the whale tho. Life sucks, the match sucked. I hope the crowd enjoyed themselves, but we didn’t really hear anything from up there. <3 But with a few beers goggles on they might have enjoyed themselves as well.

Porco dio, heel diep, save the whales, joe,
Gents 1