Final score: Renswouw DS 3 – WaHo DS 3 (1-3)

Who the fuck is Maarten?

It was february the 21st, ladies 3 was having a nice looooong dinner. Normally we have to rush to the Bongerd early, so we enjoyed our burgers and potato wedges. In the new sports hall of Renswou, aka only a new sandpaper floor, we were excited to start to play immediately. To our huge disappointment, the match before ours was taking forever. After 45 minutes we could finally start our warming up and get back into the volleyball playing mood.
For the whole match we had huge ups and downs, so it was very thrilling, especially for Pim. He was probably dying inside. 
We started the first set very strong. There was a lot of variation in our attacks. Then suddenly, our focus was gone and so was our head start. Eventually, we fought hard enough to win the set with 26-24. 

Second and third sets had the same ups and downs, but we still prevailed and won both sets with the infamous 2 point difference, 28-26 and 27-25. Silke stole the show in the third set with a beautiful ‘baksteenbal’.

The fourth set was also very thrilling, except we did not win. One of the opponents had really strong service and that is why we had so much difficulty with the set. After a long and difficult fight we lost with 23-25.

At 23:46 the match was finally finished, which meant that Silke’s birthday was in 14 minutes!!!!1!!! So with a bit of poor timing while showering, we sang (semi) naked to her! After we finished showering, we enjoyed Silke’s homemade brownies. 

During the match, the father of Joy wanted to leave, but he got some lottery tickets. After finally getting her attention, he dropped the lottery tickets of. Now, they were forced to stay to see if they won anything. 

The prizes varied from a farmer’s basket with two eggs and local honey to a fitness membership to a shirt of Maarten. We did not have a clue who the hell Maarten is, neither did the people next to us. Sadly, we lost the gym membership in Renswoude to the biggest woman in the room. To our disappointment, we didn’t win anything and had to home empty handed. 

Do you know who Maarten is?

Ladies 3