Final score: Scylla DS 5 – WaHo DS 9 (2-3)

Last Saturday, Ladies 9 played an exciting match against Scylla in Wageningen. Even though this was one of the games with potential of winning there was a low attendance of Ladies 9 with only 7 players. But luckily one of the players (Leonie) is a multitasker/multipurpose and was able to play the position of setter and outside hitter.

During the first set Ladies 9 still needed to get adjusted to the awkward silence of this sports hall. The lack of a cheering audience was distracting and caused a low energy in the team. This resulted in a chaotic play and a loss of 20-25.

The second set Ladies 9 regained a little bit of their focus. They still managed to keep the game exciting and won with a minimum effort of 2 points (23-25).

The third set Ladies 9 became unreasonably confident due to their previous victory. This attitude resulted in a messy play and the focus and team spirit were very far to find. Resulting in a disappointing loss of 13-25.

Between the third and fourth set Ladies 9 decided it would be embarrassing to inform their other teammates with scores like the 3rd set. During the 4th set Ladies 9 decided to just have fun and play. The positive team spirit returned and some impressive moves were made. Still Ladies 9 managed to keep the game exciting and won with the bare minimum of 23-25.

Before the 5th set could start there was a confusing discussion about on which side of the field Ladies 9 should start. Scylla managed to score one point via the antenna on which Ladies 9 did not agree at all. But Ladies 9 didn’t let themselves get distracted and still managed to win the 5th set with 13-15. Very relieved that they could take the victory home.


“Where ever we go, WaHo”

Last Wednesday during the general members meeting, our board had a partial change. Our Commissioner of Technical Affairs and Chairwoman went out of the board and got substituted, while the previous secretary got promoted to Chairwoman. The board is now as follows:
Evelien van der Ven – Chairwoman
Roosmarijn Veerbeek – Treasurer and vice-chairwoman
Emma van Dun – Secretary
Wouter van den Hoff – Match secretary and referee coordinator
Douwe Wibbels – Commissioner of Technical Affairs

We wish them all the best of luck!


Final score: WaHo HS 4 – AETOS HS 11 (1-3)

This week it is finally that time of the year again that the posterboys of Waho are allowed to brighten up your day with another beauty of a match report. Take a comfortable seat and a nice drink and read about the wonderful adventures of Gents 4(-0) (or Gents (0-)4, depending if it is a home or away match).

Last Friday it was time again for a spectacle of skill, determination and tactical prowess* as we had to square off against the number 4 team (what a lovely place in the standings) AETOS HS11. Unlucky there was a miscommunication with whomever allocates the fields because to our dismay (and that of our cheerleaders) we were put on one of the back fields. To add injury to insult our beloved trainer and coach Gijs? Was not able to attend the match and lend us his tactical knowledge and charming looks. With some improvising we were able to get our cripples ‘broken finger’ Gijs? and ‘busted knee’ Gijs? to be our moral coaches (actually just glorified cheerleaders) of that evening.

Luckily we like a challenge and started the match with our spirits high. With the tactical prowess of our coaches (of whom one didn’t even know the current system and positions of the players due to him betraying the team for half a year to dick around in Austria) we started the match with a bang. Blink and it was over, and unfortunately we underestimated our opponents, that is what you get when Gijs?, Gijs? and Gijs? are always so cocky and Gijs! can’t properly serve so we lost the first two sets with a score we won’t talk about because you want to get happy while reading this. Well of course we just like to play with our food, so after this general repetition we started the actual match with renewed energy, mainly because our coach Gijs? just screams so much. Realising they needed to change something our coaches Gijs? and Gijs? made some drastic measures and started the third set with Gijs!, Gijs?, Gijs!, Gijs!, Gijs? and Gijs? in the field and benching Gijs? and Gijs?. With this bold move Gents4 started the 3rd set by completely rolling over AETOS, forcing two quick timeouts out of them. Enjoying a challenge we gave them some free points because who likes a stomp, and after a while it was 20-20, or a similar score. The old Gents4 would succumb to the dreaded 20 point panic and throw away the set but with their two bold new coaches guiding** the team we overcame our past weaknesses and won the set 25-23!! That is something you didn’t expect while reading a match report of Gents4 (you can admit it, we can take it).

I think afterwards we forgot to play the 4th set.


Gents (0-)4

*Not specifying which team

**Cheering, screaming and just being obnoxiously loud


Final score: WaHo HS 3 – BSVO HS 1 (2-3)

Last Friday, Gents 3 had to play against BSVO from Otterlo. Everyone who has ever been in their ‘sports’ hall, knows how extremely low their ceiling is. No wonder we lost 4-0 when playing the away match. However, this Friday we played in the Bongerd, where the ceiling is of normal height. Without our ‘normal’ coaches, but with a Libero (who only played a few points) who also coached this match, we started with a lot of energy. This resulted in a very good set, where we played better than ever. At a certain point it was 24-16, and we made it a little bit more exiting by letting BSVO score 4 points in a row. However, we won the set with 25-20.

The second set we started a bit confused because we won the first set. BSVO started playing and we came behind quite some points. However, with some amazing balls from Sander and Mart on middle, we came back. Unfortunately, we lost the set with 24-26, we were so close… The next set we did the opposite. Started of pretty good, but let it slip towards the end. Luckily for us, the standings were now inverted, and we won the set with 26-24!

If you know some history of Gents 3, you know where this match is going to. This season we already played four 5th setters. And we lost them all… The fourth set of this match was a good one, however BSVO played really well. We lost the set with 18-25.

The fifth set we started so bad. At a certain point we were 2-8 behind. However, due to our amazing team spirit this match, we came back. We even created a few match points! But when the glasses of some random BSVO guy broke, they decided it was a good moment to stall and to just take 5 minutes to solve the problem. Our concentration levels declined, and with a really stupid ball, BSVO won the 5th set with 16-18.

We fought really hard this match, showed amazing team spirit and showed the whole competition that we can play volleyball indeed. However, winning just seems too much to ask this season. We do get value for our money since we play so many 5th setters or long matches :D.

Sjalalalalalalalalala, WaHo heren drie, heren drie! WaaHoo heren drrieee!!


Final score: Set Up ’69 DS 5 – WaHo DS 5 (3-1)

After the drunk-volleyball at nachttoernooi previous weekend, we were ready to play some serious volleyball again. We travelled to Scherpenzeel to play against Set up ’69. Both teams being in the middle of the Nevobo rankings, it promised to be an exciting match. Apparently, they were extremely impressed by our strength and length already, as we needed to get dressed in the men rooms.

In the first set of the match, the OCD got the better of us, while the lines were red instead of white/yellow. The second set went way better and after killer blocking the strongest player of Set up ’69 we won! However, in third set the old ladies regained their powers and after some long rallies they won.

The last set started exciting, as we went head to head. Unfortunately, our heads were also busy with carnival coming up and we lost the fourth set. We fought like lions and ate grapes like crazy (in the hope they turned into wine) but it was not enough and we lost eventually with 3-1.