Final score: Set Up ’69 DS 5 – WaHo DS 5 (3-1)

After the drunk-volleyball at nachttoernooi previous weekend, we were ready to play some serious volleyball again. We travelled to Scherpenzeel to play against Set up ’69. Both teams being in the middle of the Nevobo rankings, it promised to be an exciting match. Apparently, they were extremely impressed by our strength and length already, as we needed to get dressed in the men rooms.

In the first set of the match, the OCD got the better of us, while the lines were red instead of white/yellow. The second set went way better and after killer blocking the strongest player of Set up ’69 we won! However, in third set the old ladies regained their powers and after some long rallies they won.

The last set started exciting, as we went head to head. Unfortunately, our heads were also busy with carnival coming up and we lost the fourth set. We fought like lions and ate grapes like crazy (in the hope they turned into wine) but it was not enough and we lost eventually with 3-1.