Final score: WaHo HS 3 – BSVO HS 1 (2-3)

Last Friday, Gents 3 had to play against BSVO from Otterlo. Everyone who has ever been in their ‘sports’ hall, knows how extremely low their ceiling is. No wonder we lost 4-0 when playing the away match. However, this Friday we played in the Bongerd, where the ceiling is of normal height. Without our ‘normal’ coaches, but with a Libero (who only played a few points) who also coached this match, we started with a lot of energy. This resulted in a very good set, where we played better than ever. At a certain point it was 24-16, and we made it a little bit more exiting by letting BSVO score 4 points in a row. However, we won the set with 25-20.

The second set we started a bit confused because we won the first set. BSVO started playing and we came behind quite some points. However, with some amazing balls from Sander and Mart on middle, we came back. Unfortunately, we lost the set with 24-26, we were so close… The next set we did the opposite. Started of pretty good, but let it slip towards the end. Luckily for us, the standings were now inverted, and we won the set with 26-24!

If you know some history of Gents 3, you know where this match is going to. This season we already played four 5th setters. And we lost them all… The fourth set of this match was a good one, however BSVO played really well. We lost the set with 18-25.

The fifth set we started so bad. At a certain point we were 2-8 behind. However, due to our amazing team spirit this match, we came back. We even created a few match points! But when the glasses of some random BSVO guy broke, they decided it was a good moment to stall and to just take 5 minutes to solve the problem. Our concentration levels declined, and with a really stupid ball, BSVO won the 5th set with 16-18.

We fought really hard this match, showed amazing team spirit and showed the whole competition that we can play volleyball indeed. However, winning just seems too much to ask this season. We do get value for our money since we play so many 5th setters or long matches :D.

Sjalalalalalalalalala, WaHo heren drie, heren drie! WaaHoo heren drrieee!!