Final score: Scylla DS 5 – WaHo DS 9 (2-3)

Last Saturday, Ladies 9 played an exciting match against Scylla in Wageningen. Even though this was one of the games with potential of winning there was a low attendance of Ladies 9 with only 7 players. But luckily one of the players (Leonie) is a multitasker/multipurpose and was able to play the position of setter and outside hitter.

During the first set Ladies 9 still needed to get adjusted to the awkward silence of this sports hall. The lack of a cheering audience was distracting and caused a low energy in the team. This resulted in a chaotic play and a loss of 20-25.

The second set Ladies 9 regained a little bit of their focus. They still managed to keep the game exciting and won with a minimum effort of 2 points (23-25).

The third set Ladies 9 became unreasonably confident due to their previous victory. This attitude resulted in a messy play and the focus and team spirit were very far to find. Resulting in a disappointing loss of 13-25.

Between the third and fourth set Ladies 9 decided it would be embarrassing to inform their other teammates with scores like the 3rd set. During the 4th set Ladies 9 decided to just have fun and play. The positive team spirit returned and some impressive moves were made. Still Ladies 9 managed to keep the game exciting and won with the bare minimum of 23-25.

Before the 5th set could start there was a confusing discussion about on which side of the field Ladies 9 should start. Scylla managed to score one point via the antenna on which Ladies 9 did not agree at all. But Ladies 9 didn’t let themselves get distracted and still managed to win the 5th set with 13-15. Very relieved that they could take the victory home.