We have 19 teams at WaHo, divided in 5 men’s teams, 11 ladies teams and 3 recreational teams. 
Gents 1-5 and Ladies 1-11 participate in the official Dutch volleyball competition of the NeVoBo and play in various classes ranging from fourth class to third division. Our recreational teams are training-only teams, which don’t participate in the NeVoBo competition. They train recreationally on Tuesdays.

Trainings and Matches

Trainings take place at Sports Centre the Bongerd, the sports centre of the Wageningen University. Half of the competition teams train both on Monday and Thursday evenings, and half of the teams train only once a week on either Monday or Thursday evenings. All home matches take place on Friday evenings. During the matches many WaHo members will cheer on the other teams that are playing and a few beers are consumed as well. Away matches take place mostly on Saturdays.


Asides from training and playing competition, there are also a lot of activities at WaHo! We have the Waxie, our activity committee, which organizes many different activities and tournaments for WaHo members during the year, and many more committees who organize things for WaHo! Furterhmore, every year our association takes part in the SVU night tournament in Amsterdam, the Hajraa outdoor tournament in Eindhoven and the GNSK.

Interested in becoming a member?

Hi! How nice that you want to join WaHo. Since we have limited spots it is not guarenteed we have a spot for you at WaHo. However, by filling in this form we will take a look to see if there is a spot for you and if there is invite you to an introtraining or we send you a mail to say that (unfortunately) there is no spot available (will take about 3-4 days). To see in which team we can potentially place you, we need some information from you, so please fill this in with as much information as you can. If you have specific question, you can always send a mail to waho@wur.nl.

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