Final¬†score:¬†Xanthos¬†DS 2¬†–¬†WaHo¬†DS¬†7¬†(1-3)

Because we didn’t want to talk about our last match, we are going to talk about our match in Zetten on the second of April. (Technically we also forgot but no one will know). With some of the girls of the team and Bram we conquered the storm when we were biking to Zetten. We endured rain, wind and thunder so you can imagine how badly we wanted to win. Once arrived, we saw that gents 4 was playing next to us. A lot of screaming helped us both because we both won our first set. The second set was terrible, so we are not going to talk about this one either (Yes we are in a lot of denial). Sadly for us, the referee was biased. That’s why we also lost a lot of points (Also coming up with excuses now). At the end we did win the match with 3-1. Because Gents 4 was still in a really exciting game we turned around and supported them with all our power. We didn’t have a good influence though because they lost their last set. However, they also won the match with 3-1! Their first win this season. That does deserve a little applause!