Final score: Setash HS 2 – WaHo HS 2 (1-3)

Saturday the 6th of April was the day of days: the day everyone returned from their original weekend plans to travel with Wilco to the not-so-picturesque Huissen. With much confidence we stepped into the hall, which immediately blew us away with its low ceiling and high temperature. During the warming-up, the roof was hit on several occasions. However, this was not a bad thing, as we all had a correctly calibrated pass during the match itself. We started off in very good spirits, with much cheering, singing and shouting. The opponents were quite impressed and had no definitive answer to our play, and thus the first set was ours. The second set was a discrepancy compared to the rest of the match, as this set was accidentally given away to Setash. We still do not know what happened there. After that, the time for giving away presents was definitely over. We started the third set not bad, although the scores were kept quite even until Bram took up the ball for a service and only gave up this position after a series of twelve serves. Needless to say (but still worth mentioning) that we won this set as well and started the fourth and final one with plenty of confidence. So much so, that the opponents were too intimidated by Arjen’s imitation of a howler monkey and started whining about it at the referee. She was not very impressed though, and we were allowed to finish this set without having to alter our behaviour radically. Before we knew, it was time for the golden post-match combination: Spring bucks and stroopwaffles. Gotta love it.