Team Updates November 2019

Gents 1:

As they became champion last season, gents 1 now finally plays in promotion class. With the introduction of some new players such as Robert, Laurens and Koen they have started the new season quite good. Koen was warmly welcomed by waho and became trainer of Gents 2. Laurens was also warmly welcomed. Gents 1 is doing surprisingly well in the promotion class and is at the second place as we speak. Besides all the fun there is still some time to play good volleyball, something the current captain can learn from as he was even too busy to write this small text.

Gents 2:

Once upon a time there was a team. A team of 13 enthusiastic guys and their two coaches. You could say they’re quite a rowdy bunch. They hate to lose more than anything. One day they found themselves having lost a match 3-1 in Barneveld, but that was not the only thing they lost. Something more was lost in Barneveld. This team couldn’t believe they lost the ballbag. They had to make a choice between 153 Weihenstephaners or new balls. Now they have Shaniqua, Jacques and four other beautiful balls, but the whereabouts of the missing balls are an everlasting mystery. The pain of losing our balls had us lose two more matches with 3-1 and one with 3-2. Luckily the lovely coaches could keep the pain manageable and they also won matches with 4-0 and 3-1. They are now in 7th place with a lot of possibilities to rise through ranks.

Gents 3:

Gents 3 was too occupied and they were unable to give us a 5-sentence update on their progress so far. And this is completely understandable, as they have 2 Norwegian exchange students in their team, who are too busy biking up and down the mountain, and they have Mart (who is in this committee) but he still has to recover from the amazing Lustrum. And of course all the other 10 teammates also were too busy. Anyhow, this team is doing great! They are currently 2nd in the ranks and who knows, maybe they’ll be able to forget their busy schedules and work together to get to that first place.

Gents 4:

A little update from gents 4. After having lost a  24-19 lead in a set on the 9th of November. We came back stronger the following match and took our first points and win of the season against invicta 3-1. We are looking to take this form with us in our next met against Waho G3 and show them how much we have improved. 

Ladies 1:

It’s a growing line but we already evolved as team from little  sucker to SUCKA!! #we gaan Europa in!! But we do have a lot of fun and already went on a amazing team weekend.

Ladies 2:

We’re already halfway through November right now, but in the first week of September, when Ladies 2 had just been formed, we sat together and determined our goals for this season. Our number one goal: to be in the top 5. We’ve been playing together for 11 weeks now, and, we’ve already accomplished this one goal! Even though we didn’t have the greatest start… Before the official season even started, Renee managed to get her ankle injured during the Introduction Tournament. Then a few weeks later we had to cope with the loss of Veronica and Nella, because the left us for much sunnier countries (Ivory Coast and Belgium). But, the show must go on and in typical Ladies 2 style, we lost some matches from our ‘weaker opponents’ and won from our ‘strongest opponents’. We still have to face one of our strongest opponents, Nuovo DS1. We absolutely cannot lose this match, because old WaHo-members Laura and Regina are now playing for this team. Of course we would all like to see WaHo DS 2 win. So, be there December 7th (in Doorwerth) and/or March 27th (Bongerd) to cheer for us! This way we can accomplish are final goal, which is to beat Laura and Regina and stay in the top 5, or even better, go for top 3 in the final ranking of this season!

Ladies 3:

Starting with two matches lost, we are now back in our winning mode. We won the last 4 matches, so let’s keep this spirit up! We are now in the 6th place, but looking at the ranks, a lot of opportunities are open to reach the top 3, which was our goal. Becoming champions this year is definitely not out of sight. It would be nice to beat ladies 2 next year in the first class :P. Furthermore, our team is not sitting still, not mentioning playing volleyball, even if this may be debatable according to others. The whole team is well presented at the lustrum activities. Some other sad news is that Gerbrich will leave to Uruguay in two weeks, which upsets us greatly. On the contrary, Hoogstra can’t be without the team and changed her plans by staying our gekke geitsj. Amandine is learning a lot of weird Dutch words from us. Joy is still our Kaptein Kontknijp, no one’s butt is safe! Lena makes her name schenkschatje true, but is found most of the time at the other side of the bar. Kruiper is spamming the team too much, but luckily (actually very sad) the lustrum is over, so hopefully she will be a bit more quiet. Mieke is learning how to not do her “krabbetje” move at the net, but is also hitting glasses from heads of the opponents. Imme’s storybox is never getting empty, so silence is not a thing in our team. Caya is still our quiet cannon and keeps impressing us. Rosa keeps also scaring the opponent with her spiking. Unfortunately, Benja is injured at the moment and cannot join us in matches or trainings. We hope that she gets better soon, so she can join us full time again! Silke and Meike, our only training team members, can be recognised by their nice tanned skin in comparison to the rest of the team, because instead of studying they had time to sunbathe during the holidays. Last but not least, Pim our trainer showed us his angry and scary side, but we still love him and like his presence at a lot of (team)activities. We are looking forward to our Sinterklaas team activity and of course to winning more matches!

Ladies 4:

Ladies 4 started the season fresh and fruity with a lot of newbies in the team and on the side of the field (shoutout to Guus & Mór!). Currently we are in the 9th place in the poule, but we played less matches and we are improving ourselves every time (stijgende lijnen) so a higher place is definitely our goal. Next to the trainings and matches we are also into team activities like a movie night with the dress code ‘strak in je trainingspak’ and we like to show our amazing dance moves in the International Club! Now a little fun fact about our match yesterday against Invicta in the Vlinder: Senna was having a serve streak when suddenly the person from the score said we had a rotation error, which was totally untrue and unlogical according to us. Possibly she just had to thick fingers and made a misclick? Luckily we were still dominating the game and won the match! XOXO Ladies 4 ‘Ik dacht het wel… KARAMEL’

Ladies 5:

Dear WaHosi,

Nice that you read about the wonderful ladies 5! Since the beginning of the season a lot has changed. Some teammates went to the far abroad and some to ladies 4. We also welcomed some new players and we can now train twice a week. Despite all these changes, we are already quite settled and the construction can begin! In the competition.  As always, we struggle to the last points in the competition and that is certainly not without result! We are steady 6th in the rankings and we have no intention of staying here. We had the luck to play the first matches against the best teams in the poule. This means that from now on we will only get more points and beat the others. With the best tips of our lovely ladies 1 trainers ( both sober and drunk at gala) we learn every training a little and continue to grow, something all players strive for. With regard to social matters, the nicknames have been made up, the teams shirts have arrived and the team weekend is booked. So our bonding is definitely good.


Ladies 6:

The rockets of ladies zas are still full of power as we knock everyone out of the competition with our winning streak of 7 matches. So far, we have only lost 5 points on our way to the top of the milky way and we have already played against all the top teams except the current number 3. Even a week of extreme partying at the extra-terrestrial WaHo gala, pool party and the indoor beach day can’t hold us back! As long as we have the power of Wilco and the wise words of Tito at our side, we are sure we can live up to our glorious nickname “let’s promote again and beat ladies 5 – ladies 6”. Boogedieboogedieboogedie: ROCKETPOWER!

Ladies 7:

One day, after a good night of drinking,

Ladies 7 was thinking;

We are still first in the competition,

Which at the start, was not our mission. 

We were not very confidential,

And didn’t know we had the potential. 

Until after one training, one of us noted:

‘Maybe we could be promoted?’. 

With good trainings and core stability,

We are realizing this possibility.  

We also have a lot of fun, 

So luckily the season is not yet done.

We are still planning more nights out,

But we will keep winning, no doubt. 

Hopefully we can keep this devotion,

And at the end of the season earn our promotion. 

Xxxxxx Ladies 7 ‘POTENTIE’

Ladies 8:

So far, things are not going as good as we hoped. We have won exactly one match, but the courage has not yet sunken into our shoes (as we say in Dutch). We are now somewhere between the 5th and 6th place, which sounds good but we are only with 7 in the pool. Fortunately, this does not ruin the ambiance. We had our first team evening in which we played some games and drank some beers. Our next activity will probably be a cocktail night. Furthermore, I was very happy to see so many of my teammates joining the (amazing) lustrum activity. Our favorite activity was definitely gala, it was climaximaal!

Much love from the ardillas of ladies 8 <3

Ladies 9:

We started this year with many new players, new trainers/coaches, and a new system. At first, this change seemed like a lot and some of us had trouble adapting at first. However, after playing in the new system for a few matches and getting to know everybody, we are better than ever. With the first 5 setter EVER, this was an exciting month for the up and coming dames 9. After the longest, most tensive 1,5 hours of our lives, we lost the fifth set with 15-13 to our great disappointment. However, it did not stop us from celebrating an amazing match and training for all the matches to come. At the moment, we are second last in the ranks but We. Will. Rise.