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Partial Board change and the new WaHo logo

5th April 2016

A couple of weeks ago, on Wednesday March 23th, the most recent GMM of WaHo took place. At this GMM a partial Board change took place. The WaHo Board of 2016 now consists of the following members, shown in the picture below (from left to right):

Pascal Ros as Treasurer and Vice-Chairman.
Loes Verhoog as Match Secretary.
Guido Schimmel as Chairman.
Lisa Buijvoets as Secretary.
Lore Stormink as Commissioner Technical Affairs.
WaHo bestuur 2016

Besides the partial Board change, the members of WaHo also voted for the new WaHo logo. Proudly I present to you the new WaHo logo from March 2016 on:
WaHo logo