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Match Report Genst 3 December 9th

Final Score: D.O.S HS 2 – WaHo HS 3 (3-2)

Last Friday, the genst had to go to Lunteren. We had to play against D.O.S, at the time of 21:30. Even before the match, there was a lot of stress because of the public transport to Lunteren. Since the genst were too ‘incapable’ to arrange cars, we had to make the gamble that we would get the last train at 00:07, or else we had to walk back from Ede-Wageningen to Wageningen. Luckily for us, Fédor was able to get there by car, and because of this our coach and beloved barman could join us. With dinner at Joost’s place at 18:45 already, we knew it was going to be a long night. Instead of the pizza we promised John, we ate Risotto for the fourth time, and after dinner we could finally begin our journey to Lunteren.

After a huge walk of fifteen minutes, we quickly dressed and started playing. To our own surprise, we won the first set with 22-25. This was mainly because of our fighting power and willingness to win. We then started the second set, which went completely wrong. We made many mistakes, suddenly the opponent was able to play their own game and we got defeated with 25-15. This was a big wake-up call for us, and we started to change some positions in the team. With the amazing spikes of Arjen and Pim on middle, the saves of Milo and Wouter in the back, two incredible almost-in-the-three-meter-spikes from Mark and great sets from Aiko we won very easily with 12-25. We were astonished by our own game at that moment. However, this probably caused us to lose the fourth set with 25-23. We were so close at winning our first match!

But then, real panic started to rise. It was already 23:05, and we had a train to catch. We did not start the fifth set very well, which resulted in an 8-4 when we had to switch sides. We made a small comeback, but unfortunately it was not enough for us to win the set and the match. We lost 15-10. After quickly shaking hands, showering like crazy, we started our journey back. We walked through the lively city centre of Lunteren *kuchkuch*, with our half a litres of beer in our hands. We made it on time to catch the train, and with some beautiful conversations in the bus which resulted in people looking weird at us, we were home around 01:00. With the feeling that we played an amazing game and that there is huge progression in our game, we went quietly to bed and slept like roses.

Match Report Ladies 3 December 2nd

Final score: WaHo DS 3 – Volvera DS 3 (3-1)

Last Friday night started with a team-bonding diner; practically everyone had diner on their own. We all met up at the Bongerd and here we were also greeted by our 2 coaches for this match: our favourite German board member and our favourite Germen setter. What can possibly go wrong with these 2 lovely Germans at the helm? Some of us are unfortunately injured and they couldn’t play, still they were there to cheer on the rest. Our opponent was Volvera Ladies 3, in which to our surprise Elisabeth Sohl, a WaHo-fossil, plays.

The match commenced. Our starting line-up consisted of Meike as setter, Laura as diagonal, Loes and Senna as middles and Joy and Leanne as outside hitters. We started really strong in the 1st set, but towards the end we let our focus slip. Still we won this set with 25-17.
For the 2nd set Leanne and Loes enriched the bench with their voices, so Lieke and Lore could play. At the beginning it seemed a ghost appeared: Hanneke, one of our normal coaches, showed up despite the fact that she previously had said that she couldn’t come. This though didn’t make the difference: after a well-fought comeback we only just lost the set with 23-25.
Leanne came back in for Lieke and Lore was changed for Lonne. During the 3rd set we did what we had to do again. Ivo even choose to watch our beautiful match over the match of Gents 1, because we were having so much fun. Since our enthusiasm came back we played with a lot more ease and we won this set with 25-11.
For the last set Loes played again instead of Senna. We were still riled up from the previous set and eager to win this one, which we did with an astonishing 25-8.

With a grave heart we’ve got to report that some more injuries were inflicted during our amazing match. Some of Gents 2 apparently suffer some hearing loss due to our incredible surround sound system. We can only say one thing about that: welcome to Ladies 3!!

It has been a match filled with fun and good sportsmanship. We won this match with 3-1 (you probably already did the math), which means that we still remain unbeaten. Of course we celebrated this by watching the other matches and drinking beer in the canteen. We hope to continue this streak. Therefore we invite all of you to be WaHooligans at our next Wahome match (the 16th of December, 19.30). We’ll play against the number 1 of our poule, Setash Ladies 3. So expect it to be a brilliant and exciting match. See you then!

With love, Ladies 3