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Launch of the WaHo mobile application

After a long period of hard working and pure dedication the moment has finally come to launch the mobile application of WaHo! With this application, you can look up the upcoming events, the teams, the committees, the Board, match results, upcoming matches and much more.

Be sure to download the ‘Mijn Club’ app through this link for Android users and this link for Apple users. When you have downloaded the ‘Mijn Club’ app you can search for WaHo to get to the personal WaHo app. The app is still under construction, but if you want to give us feedback, please send a mail to

A digital high five from your favourite website committee: the NetCie,
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Match Report Ladies 2 November 19th

Final Score: Agilitas DS 4 – WaHo DS 2 (3-2)

On a sunny Saturday afternoon almost the whole ladies 2 squad came together in bus 352, heading to Arnhem. To our surprise, even Bart caught the bus. We can only assume that Bart has had a tough night as he suddenly fell asleep in the bus. We would have loved to give you a photo of that, but of course he woke up right when Eline tried to make one. After we arrived at Arnhem central station, we unfortunately walked to the wrong bus stop, so with only 1 minute to go we did a pre-warming-up by running all the way across the station for the right bus, where our smart Yvonne was already waiting. Another nice bus trip through the city and we met Ellen and Laura at the sports hall. After a warming up and a long wait until the field was free (we even did core-stability exercises, so we must have been really bored), we could finally start with the match. Agilitas, standing 11th in our competition should be an easy win!

The first set proved our expectations. Every ball we touched was a score and we won with 25-14. In the second set, Agilitas decided to give us some more resistance, with a couple of ugly balls they scored via our block. But, because Karlijn was finally back in the team, Rebecca decided to give her a big hug while trying to defend the ball. Even though we made a lot of these mistakes, we were still the boss, 25-22! In the third set, Agilitas decided they were finally going to start defending. They let us attack and attack and attack and defended everything until we made a mistake ourselves. Because of this, we lost both the third and the fourth set (25-19 and 25-20). Even Emilia was looking for some happiness in a time-out in the fourth set, as she decided to give Bart a big hug, and everybody wanted to join! As Bart clearly wasn’t used to so much female attention, he even started to blush! But now we had to play a fifth set… The referee was obviously done with his job, as he told Melanie that we ‘should play this set in under fifteen minutes, or else the handballers would get angry for not getting the hall in time’. We were not amused. In the fifth set we fought a hard battle. Everybody went for every ball and we screamed like never before. Unfortunately our own mistakes killed us again, we lost with 16-14. Melanie was the only one who was happy that the match was over, as she almost fell down of tiredness after those five intense sets. By the way, in our last match against Invicta, Eline passed the ball in the basketball basket. We wanted to give her a shoutout for that! Summary of the match: Hätte hätte Fahradkette!

Match Report Ladies 5 November 12th

Final score: Gemini DS 7 – WaHo DS 5 (4-0)

On the 12th of November, the day already started good for the most awesome team of WaHo. According to Tess it was smelling like banana at the train station, which was very strange because Guido was peeling a banana at that exact moment. This excellent observation of Tess was a good indication of the level of awareness of our team during the match. Not only the people who went by train had some startup troubles: Vera came in a traffic jam and therefore arrived too late in Elst.

When finally all of us arrived in Elst, we still had some trouble finding the right dressing room. Which is why we ended up in a dressing room with 10-year-old Judoka’s. After we warmed-up with flat balls we started with the first set against Gemini. Our puppy Emma debuted this day and Susan finally returned as a setter after an injury.

In the first set we needed to be shaken up, but as expected we woke up for the second set and an upward trend was set.  In the second set Emma wanted to show Susan how it is to play in the Paralympics Games. Therefore, she tackled Susan. While sitting, Susan was still able to make an amazing point. Cindy stood by and watched. In the third set the middle players were ready to go and blocked as real (wo)men! We wanted to spend as much time on the field as possible. Thus, we had very long rallies, because we didn’t want to make points. Besides, we thought that the setters could do a little bit more than just play volleyball so the rest of the team let them run half a marathon with their beautiful passes. Meanwhile our faithful supporters where cheering enthusiastic for those passes. The fourth set was also sort of fun.

Despite the burned and bruised knees of 5 WaHosi, who had a very heavy battle with the ground, the opponents were not willing to award us with the win of the match. Dejected we walked to the dressing room where we found Princess Rainbow Sparkles the Unikitty (which we won because we ended third in the Crazy 69 and because our minion is still kidnapped) sleeping in the team bag… That’s when we found a reason for losing the game. But there is another reason. We (and especially Guido) really missed our second coach Daniel, who was fighting his own match against bronchitis.

After we cried out by Princess Rainbow Sparkles the Unikitty we left the sports hall with our heads held high, due to our awesome, active, funny, fabulous, fantastic, sensational, mighty, excellent, beautiful, perfect, wonderful, formidable and supercalifragilisticexpialidocious performance in the field.

Match Report Gents 1 November 4th

Final Score: WaHo HS 1 – Pegasus HS 5 (1-3)

This time we, as gentlemen 1 were honoured to let the ink flow through the quill. To make this epic story as complete as possible, we will start with the beginning of the preparations. Were the night all started was the Spot, a refined meal with fish and rice was served after which the coffee sped up our stool. After the first gasses left our bodies, we left. It was like heading to a battlefield, in which De Bongerd was the arena.

Upon arriving in the arena, we first had to fulfil our duties. In which we saw a clash between masculinity and testosterone as gents 2 and genst 3 were battling against their opponents. After that it was our time to shine. In our new war outfits covered up by our bath robes, we entered the field. Then it started, the battle in which some did not survive. It all started in the first set, Stormführer Von Leersum was not ashamed to throw a child into this battle, his name was “Tiny Teenager Tim”. We also hired and put into play a Greek mercenary. Rumors say he’s called “Gorgeous George”. Accompanying him, also playing on outside was our very own Schjuultie. To protect our territory, we had to put up some kind of defense, so Boem Boem Bart and Little Bramel were being our protective wall, trying to stop the enemy hits. To ensure some peace and quiet amongst the troops our Stormfürhrer decided to also send in “Luie Spellie” and to round up this squad we threw “Slippery Chris” into the mix to do some damage of our own.

The second set some reinforcements were necessary to turn the tide of the battle in our favour. Panzerfaust Ben, sitting on the side lines today, prepared Turk for his entrance into the battlefield. The Jerk was brought into position, together with extra-terrestrial powers in the form of Spaced Out Colin. The man who normally lets bullets fly right through him stopped three in a row this time. The enemy team rewarded him with a gunshot to the leg, thus his tale ended here. It was time for Schjuultie to take his place and try to avenge him. A comrade was fallen, but not forgotten. Just after sweat and tears, there was the last element described by Hazes et al., BLOOD! The Jerk was the next one to go down in this battle, a headshot could not be avoided. Blood was flowing like the eruption in Pompeii in 79 after Christ.

After that, everybody was so enraged that we ended the match somewhat victoriously with a won battle, but a lost war. After everything we went through we left the battlefield proudly and started the preparations for the next battle accompanied by some gold-liquid courage.

Fallen, but not forgotten, RIP:
The Jerk                                 04-10-1989    ✞ 04-11-2016
Spaced Out Colin               26-10-1991     ✞ 04-11-2016

WaHo Crazy 69

This year WaHo’s very first Crazy 69 took place, organised by a committee-in-the-making the IntrodukCie. During the Crazy 69 the 12 WaHo teams all got 69 challenges which they had to complete within the four week time span in order to receive points. Each week the IntrodukCie posted an intermediate ranking in the Facebookgroup and within a week it became clear that there was an obvious top four consisting of Ladies 4, Ladies 3, Gents 2 and Ladies 1. However, one team, which at that point had no points yet, decided to get to work and complete some challenges because only one week later they kicked Ladies 1 of the fourth place and they seemed to become a real threat for Ladies 4, Ladies 3 and Gents 2. Two more weeks of completing challenges were followed. Crazy team pictures were made, the weirdest sand castles appeared on the beach volleyball field, the tribune of the Bongerd became climbed, eggs were smashed on the heads of the Board members, teamdates were organised, a lot of pies were made and many, many more. Finally, on the 22th of October on 00:00 precisely, the Crazy 69 was finished and a few days later the final ranking was published as followed:

Ladies 4 Crazy 69

The award ceremony for Ladies 4

1st place: Ladies 4 – 1052 points
2nd place: Gents 2 – 964 points
3rd place: Ladies 5 – 853 points
4th place: Ladies 3 – 460 points
5th place: Genst 3 – 219 points
6th place: Ladies 6 – 214 points
7th place: Ladies 1 – 200 points
8th place: Ladies 8 – 197 points
9th place: Gents 1 – 150 points
10th place: Gents 4 – 133 points
11th place: Ladies 7 – 95 points
12th place: Ladies 2 – 64 points

Gents 2 & Ladies 5 Crazy 69

Gents 2 and Ladies 5 were both very happy with their new team mascots

Yesterday, on the 3rd of November the prizes were handed out to the teams that became 1st, 2nd & 3rd place. After their training Ladies 4 had a small reward ceremony in which they were handed medals for the first place and a nice pie. Gents 2 and Ladies 5 both received a consolation prize in the form of a new team mascot. The gents got a monkey to represent the gorilla Harambe which they idolize. The ladies got a unikitty to soften the pain of their recently stolen cardboard minon who had been their team mascot for the last few years.



We wanted to thank all the teams for competing and their dedication while doing so!

The IntrodukCie 2016 – Lotte, Laura, Bart, Daniel & Guido
o.d.z. Integreren kun je leren