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Match Report Ladies 7 October 28th

Final score: Renswouw DS 5 – WaHo DS 7 (3-1)

Dear fellow WaHosi!

This week it was our turn to write an awesome match report. Hopefully, we have succeeded.

This Friday, after a delicious meal at Kikianne’s place, Ladies 7 (minus two absent players) travelled to Renswoude to play their first away match of the season against Renswouw DS5. Both teams sharing the same amount of points and having played the same amount of matches, the winner of this match would take the lead in the poule. However, this opponent was known to be very competitive and a little more advanced. Therefore, we came mentally prepared. We went a little earlier to Renswoude, cheered on Gents 1 who were playing a match at the same hall (they won, by the way!). Sadly, we couldn’t watch their whole match, but it had us pumped for our own match.

During the first set, we still had to get into the flow of the match. Nevertheless, we went for every ball, tried our best, and proudly lost with 25 – 12. The second set started out with a small lead and we were playing better. Unfortunately, we lost this set again with 25 – 15. The difference was probably because during the second set, the players from Gents 1 started to support us. The rallies during this set started to last longer and sometimes the opponent had a hard time to play the ball back to our side. They sometimes got a bit angry at each other. We really started to have fun at this point and were happy with every good ball we played. The third set started, again, with a small lead in our favour, but was lost once again with 25 – 15.

The opponent became less friendly, even though they had already won the match. This didn’t suppress our spirit and we started with the fourth and last set. And again, we had a small lead, which was quickly corrected by Renswouw. However, this time we started to play some very good rallies and serves and the opponent started to lose more and more points in our favour. At a 20 – 17, they even used their first time-out of the match: they obviously got scared of us. But, after the match was resumed they managed to score a point and it was their turn to serve. We realised that this was our chance to win the set when we reached a score of 23 – 24. The last serve from our side was passed by them, but smashed into the net! Finally, we had won a set. And we are still at a comfortable second place of the poule, which we (obviously!) would like to keep.

One last piece of wisdom: You are as good as your last set. (Ros, 2016)

Partial board change, October 19th

Last Wednesday, the 19th of October, the General Members Meeting (GMM) took place. During this GMM the WaHo board partially changed.

WaHo Board ’16-’17

The new WaHo board 2016 – 2017 constists of the following members (from left to right):

Lore Stormink as Commissioner Technical Affairs
Anne Hoogstra as Treasurer and Vice-Chairwoman
Lisa Buijvoets as Chairwoman
Daniel Hoving as Secretary
Rebecca Kaup as Match Secretary

Diner Rouler

Fusion Cooking

Last week on Wednesday the 12th of October the first activity organized by De Waxie took place: The Diner Rouler. This is an awesome activity to get to know new and old members better.
With 33 subscribed couples (okay, 32 couples and one group of three) it was a big success!

The Diner Rouler consists of three courses, during which couples were placed with two new couples each round, and so could dine with new people and get to know each other. As the theme of the Diner Rouler this time was ‘Fusion Cooking’, we saw some great (and maybe some strange) flavor combinations.


“Gezelligheid” during dinner

After dessert it was time for the afterparty, which, as the Diner Rouler was on Wednesday, was held in De Woeste Hoeve. Most of the participants came here for a great party with (free) beer and to get to know each other even better 😉

Fun at the afterparty

Match Report Ladies 8 October 14th

Final score: Renswouw DS 5 – WaHo DS 8 (4-0)

The match on Friday was our second away game, although it was the first time we had to travel outside of Wageningen for a match. We had to do a bit of organising to arrange enough cars for the number of players (and supporters!), but we’re so organised that it didn’t take much to-ing and ‘fro-ing to sort out. Transportation: tick.

Most of us (including our coach, Janneke from DS 3) met up to have a (really) early dinner together at team member Larissa’s place, and we were treated to some really lekker risotto and salad. With our stomachs full (but not too full…so no second or third servings!), we jumped into the cars and drove over to de Bongerd to pick up some of the other team members, the balls, and our shirts. We then headed for Renswoude, about 20 minutes away. During the journey we talked about papernoten, fried chicken, non-Dutch versions of kroket, oliebollen…there’s definitely a theme, isn’t there? We met up with one final team member and together walked through the hallway into our changing room. There were 8 players in total playing in this match, although another player (Lian) came to cheer us on. As we were getting ready, Sandrine played some lively music to get us pumped and we took some group photos. It’s very exciting being in a team!

On the court, we did our usual warm up exercises (very important, especially as the hall was quite cold). Then the game got underway. Our starting line-up consisted of Inge, Kris, Larissa, Marieke, Sandrine, and Tess (Christiana and Ilja went on in the 2nd set and we all got to play in 3 sets each). It was a rather quiet sports hall, much unlike de Bongerd which is always teeming with people. The hall was empty, but just as we were about to start some supporters (mostly for Renswouw DS 5) came out from the sports bar and into the hall. Renswouw DS 5 proved to be a strong team with some hard hits. According to Janneke some of their players had experience playing in the junior teams, so they had more experience than we do. They employed some good tactics, like having three players standing near the net during their serve, making it difficult for us to see the server/ball. The amount of points we scored wasn’t anything to write home about, but later on in the match we had quite a few nice rallies and scored some great points. Janneke did a great job coaching us, gave us some pointers (like the holes in their defence), and kept our spirits high. She and Lian also kept shouting “WaHo!!”, so despite being the away team, we definitely made some noise. Nevertheless, it was a mostly quiet hall for most of the match. The usually quiet atmosphere then did a total 180 when the WaHo ladies’ 3 team arrived during the last set. The hall literally echoed with shouts of “WaHO!!” to the point that the referee couldn’t blow the whistle for the serve for at least 10 seconds. They cheered for every ball we got over the net and really put a big smile on each of our faces. Still, we committed some errors that we will need to work on. We lost the match in 4 sets and in the end were not able to score as highly as we did in our other two matches (such as our last match, where we reached the 20s), or exploit some of the openings in the opponent’s defence.

Many of us in DS 8 are new to volleyball, with some of us learning only when we joined DS 8. We’re having fun and building up our team (literally – we formed a human pyramid at the end of the match!), which is really important, but we are working hard to improve our skills so that we can win our first match and feel like we’ve made some real progress. Our next match is another away game against NVC DS 4 in Nijkerk on 5th November. Come cheer us on!


Match Report Ladies 1 October 7th

Final Score: WaHo DS 1 – Arvevo DS 1 (4-0)

Last Friday it was finally going to happen; our first home-match of the year! After a Project-X style Facebook promotion, we were counting on a lot of support from our WaHooligans, friends and family. Both our libero’s, Kim and Alessia, were not present for the match, so Marit from D2 was found willing to fill in for them.

Our match was to be played early, at 19.30. Teamdinner was therefore early too, at 17.30, which is about 5 hours earlier than a normal Italian dinner. This caused some Italian panic and fear of throwing up in the field, but was solved by the suggestion to bring some real Italian pasta. For outsiders; Italian pasta is apparently the only thing an Italian can eat right before doing sports. And even though this real Italian pasta smells, looks, feels and tastes the same as the Dutch fake pasta from the local supermarket, it is very much different and could well be a wondercure! Anyway, we had a quick chicken-wrap and pasta dinner, then headed to the Bongerd. After chasing off the Chinese badminton players, we put up the court dressed in our fancy bathrobes. We then started our warm-up while the ‘Internetgekkies’ remix of the Patat-mayonais song was playing (loudly) on the speakersystem, chasing away the last few badminton players.

As last week in Nijmegen, we were facing another tall team, with some powerhitters. We started with our trusty setter Hanneke, who had been preparing for hours, wearing heated up sanitary towels on her lower back. Lisa and Vero took middle block, while Julie and Gio were going to make out who would hit the hardest on the outside. Nico was our starting diagonal. After last weeks slow start, we started more concentrated this time, focussing on our service, with Iris taking some service rounds in the back, and with strong defending in the back field. Even though our passing line took a few rotations to get warm, we took a 5 point lead and secured it all the way till the end of the set: 25-20!

The second set, with the same starting line-up, we countinued where we left the first set. Our blocking was better than last week and we kept scoring our points from the outside and middle, with the occasional backfield attack to complement the strikes. We took the set 25-17.

After this comfortable lead, Melissa replaced Lisa and Iris allowed Julie to take a break. Arvevo however started fighting for their last chance and about halfway through the set they were leading by a few points. Arvevo had brought in their biggest spiker (and blocker), which caused our offence to hamper a bit. Julie was brought back in to knock down the wall. Even though the Arvevo double block was homing in on Julie, we kept on scoring and fast attacks on all positions were enough to secure the set 25-20, and with it the match.

Hungry for more and another clean sheet, we continued the fourth set with the same line-up as we finished. We took a lead of 5 points, up to 15-10. Iris then came in for Melissa to serve, with Rémons suggestion to just serve 10 aces so we could get our patat-mayonais in the canteen quickly. On Iris service, we went up to 20-10, before Arvevo regained their service at 20-11. Melissa quickly replaced Iris again. With our next point, Iris took over Nico to finish the job from the serviceline (thank you Nevobo for the new rules) and did an excellent job, scoring some more aces. We took the set with big numbers; 25-11! Another 4-0 win!

Match Report Gents 2 September 30th

Final Score: WaHo HS 2 – Woudenberg HS 3 (3-2)

I still remember that evening, just like it only happened three days ago: This is it, we thought, our moment to shine. Our first match of the season against the Gents 3 of Woudenberg, on the main field of our old and trusted hall of the Bongerd. We walked from our dressing room towards the field, stomach’s full with vegetables and no meat from Jesse’s vegetarian bami. Once we set foot onto the field we began our warming up. Half of us ran towards the backline and started running, the remainder of the team reached in their bags and took out their foam rollers. Otherwise said: the foam brothers were on the roll. Arno even managed to convert a coach from one of our guest teams to the holy religion of the foam roller. He asked us ‘what is that?’ and after Arno told his story about ‘our Lord and saviour the foam roller’ that good man was sold. Then we saw our opponents enter the hall. A team with some young players, freshly picked from the youth teams of Woudenberg. Under supervision of their old and grey setter/captain/coach they started their own warming up rituals.

The warming up went fast and before we knew it we stood on the field, waiting for the first ball to be served from our opponents side. The ball was round, the air was humid and we were hot. I guess you could say we were ready. I looked around the field and saw my teammates brace themselves. At the net we had Jesse, Olov and Arno. I (Guido) stood in the backfield myself, next to our libero Ivar who just switched places with Junior in the field. The setter stood in the far right corner of the field, our very own Pascal, with his passionable setting skills. One glimpse toward the bench and I saw our new coach Jacques next to our remaining players Heijs, Daniel and Roland. I thought of the players we couldn’t be there, Martin and Mór, our new outside players, guess we’ll see more of them next match. I glanced left and looked at our referee Ellen ‘The Beast’ from Ladies 2 who had the privilege to get our match as her referee debut. Meanwhile a loud bang echoed through the hall and I saw the ball coming towards our side of the field, the match had begun.

The first two sets quickly passed and soon we found ourselves in a rather ugly position as the opponent had managed to win them both. The problem really, was that we weren’t quite playing the match against our opponent but more against ourselves. The only person playing like he’s used to was Jesse, maybe because he is used to food without any meat in it. In the third set we managed to pick ourselves up and pull our heads out of our asses. In the first two sets we didn’t even recognize ourselves and any form of smile was difficult to locate on our faces, but now not only our volleyball skills went better so did our mood as we were smiling and yelling from the field. This resulted in a sudden comeback as we won the next three sets and thus won the match. There were no ‘molenwieks’ at the ends of the sets that we won but a high amount of ‘matrix actions’ made up for that. We did not make it easy for ourselves but our first victory was in the pocket, we did it!

The amazing Gents 2.