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Match Report Ladies 4 September 24th

26th September 2016

Final Score: Setash DS 2 – WaHo DS 4 (0-4)

It was a beautiful day, September 24th, 2016. It was again time for Ladies 4 to go and kick some asses after a few months of rest. Therefore, 8 ladies and 1 guy moved their asses towards the sports hall in Huissen. Sadly, some weren’t moving as fast as they planned to (read: traffic jams). Luckily, the referee was so kind to start the match a little later.

At the start of this long awaited match, everyone had to get used to the situation. The newbies had to get used to their new team. The old team had to get used to the newbies. The libero had to get used to not being able to serve and smash and the coach had to get used to the fact that he would not be able to produce a normal voice that day.

In the first minutes, both teams were making too many mistakes and therefore the points were climbing equally. But then, like a diesel engine, the ladies of ladies 4 started to be warmed and were finally scoring their desired points. The ladies from setash, however, still were trying too much but were not able to score. From a 16-16, ladies 4 was taking the lead and finally won the first set with 25-19. Content as they were, they decided to continue with the same attitude – up for the second set. And with success! Also this set ladies 4 dominated the match and won with 25-17. Then, starting the third set our new Italian power could show what she’s capable off. And yes, she really did. She started serving and was able to make it up to 7-0. They all were very proud and starting the set like this felt like they were going to win the match. But then, at the point where the ladies were 12 points ahead they were tired of scoring and scoring. To give the match more thrill, they decided to give away some, maybe too many points. When they decided there was enough tension, the ladies came back and decided to start scoring again. They won this set with 25-17 The first match of the year had already been won! And as you might know, partying and playing serious volleyball doesn’t always go hand in hand and that’s why the start of the last set wasn’t perfect. However, then the most dedicated fan of ladies 4 was on the bleachers and started to film. Since the ladies did not want to look like fools on the video they started to fight and won this set with 25-13.

Everyone was very proud on winning the first match of the season with 4-0. Even though, the opponents weren’t playing bad and the referee didn’t see much ‘plak’balls and other style mistakes from the opponents. It is the perfect start of a new season, let’s see what the other opponents are up to: ladies 4 is ready! BOEM BOEM, ..!

Ps. Ladies 4 did not only score points during the match, they were also scoring points for the crazy 69. Gotta catch’em all!

A very successful introduction training

11th September 2016

Introduction training 2016

Last Thursday, September 8th, our introduction training took place for all the people who were interested in playing volleyball. A lot of people showed up and made this night to be a big success! Thanks to our trainers, Ivo, Jacques and Rémon, the practices went smoothly and everyone got to experience our association. Also big thanks to our own members who helped us with organizing this night and socializing with the new members. For us the night was a big success with 63 new members. We had more subscriptions, but unfortunately we couldn’t place everyone.

The Technical Committee 2016