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SVU Night tournament

The Waxie started out with subscribing 4 teams for the night tournament. Quickly it became apparent that that would not be enough.

A 5th and 6th team were added, but so many people wanted to join even that was not enough. In the end WaHo went with 8 teams and around 60 people to the SVU night tournament in Amsterdam.


All teams had some great teamoutfits (too bad there is no price for that) with some giraffes, supermarket employees, ‘traditional’ German outfits and more.

As the mix teams were subscribed at the same level, we mostly had to play against each other. This resulted in a lot of fun, and a WaHo against WaHo finale, which was won by (surprisingly!) WaHo. The winning team ‘3 in de rij, puntje erbij’ got a nice apple pie.

After the finale we dressed in our party clothes, made up our beds in the sportshall and headed to the party in the canteen. This lasted till deep in the night.

After a couple hours of sleep we were gently woken by the sweet sound of Whitney Houston singing ‘I Will Always Love You’. After breakfast (with pancakes), we went home again to get some much needed sleep.

Until next year!

Match Report Ladies 3 February 17th

Final score: WaHo DS 3 – Agilitas DS 5 (4-0)

Last Friday a very exciting match was scheduled for Ladies 3, since we had not yet played against our opponent Agilitas (the number 3) this season. We did not know what was coming, so we had to be prepared for everything and play the best we could in order to fight for our beloved championship. Unfortunately, our match preparation was not optimal. Some of us gathered to eat a massive pizza-pie, others ate separately at home. And then there was Meike… She managed to lock herself out of her room. ‘Luckily’ Lore is suffering from a ski-injury and Meike could borrow her volleyball-stuff.
Now the match could begin. The first few points we gave away, and then we also started to play volleyball. Some very nice spiking of Senna and Leanne and a nice service series of Laura resulted in beautiful points giving us the lead and taking the first set with 25-17.
In the second set, we apparently decided to make it a bit more exciting. At 14-18 behind, our coaches Julie and Hanneke thought it was best to bring some new people into the field. With new energies we were back in the game and scored some nice points. At 24-20, Lieke was behind the backline and served us some very nice and stylish bitterballs! This resulted in even louder cheering of the whole team, than when we would have scored a point. Afterwards, we took the set right away by scoring the 25-21.

In the third set we wanted to keep the audience on the edge of their seats and were behind again with 5 points. However, we were extremely capable of turning this into a lead again and won the set with 25-19. Now, Agilitas had lost their spirit and we completely overruled them in the fourth set, resulting in 25-15 and a 4-0 victory!

After the match and a warm shower, we enjoyed a lovely, massive and super-delicious lemon-pistachios-pie made by Laura, Loes and Janneke.

Match Report Ladies 5 February 10th

Final score: WaHo DS 6 – WaHo DS 5 (1-3)

Last Friday the original ‘El Classico’ took place. We knew Ladies 6 were worthy foes from last time (3-1 victory for us) and an undisclosed practice match. Now we aimed for that 4-0 victory! Unfortunately we had to miss our fallen combatant Elske. However she was greatly replaced by the returning warrior Birgit, who had finally returned from a long trip to our southern neighbours and was ready to kill it with us or die trying – the second option proved more likely after a difficult training Thursday. We started with dinner at Birgit’s. Sadly Merle couldn’t join dinner as she would fly directly from the airport to the Bongerd. With flexibility and innovative solutions we had enough food to feed our hungry mouths, so that we could kick some ass on the field. After some delicious and intimate dessert, we went to the Bongerd. After a nice warming-up with some crazy tunes, we were ready to win this game. We started the first set with Birgit, Karin, Susan, Vera, Marlou and Els. We found it difficult to score points, because of the crazy good passes of ladies 6. They were everywhere in the field! After some really long rallies we managed to score the winning points. The second set has been omitted, due to memory loss of the tragic event. You may ask Ladies 6 for a more detailed description of events. In the third set the line-up changed completely and with a fresh team, the games was back on! We were on fire(ball)!!!!!! Our coaches had a heart attack, as the score grew closer and closer. However, with a hilarious ‘hoopje’ in the middle of the set, some great attacks and powerful serves, we won this set. Then the fourth set came and with another heart attack for Guido and Daniel, we killed it with 23-25. So, with this victory we proved to be the best WaHo team in this poule. We would like to become the best WaHo-team in the fourth class and thus hereby challenge Ladies 7 and Ladies 8 to a match! To celebrate our victory, first we inspired the other WaHo teams with our cheering and refereeing, coaching and counting. Next we went to the canteen for beer and pie! When the clock struck 12 we sang happy birthday for our birthday girl Yvon. As a last note, with this victory the third place in the ranking was conquered 🙂 .

Match Report Ladies 2 February 4th

Final score: TweeVV DS 2 – WaHo DS 2 (0-4)

The Saturday afternoon started with a little panic for ladies 2. Except for Silke and Ellen, we were all gathering at the Bongerd for a nice bike tour to Ede, to play against the number 10 of our poule, TweeVV. As more and more of us arrived at the Bongerd without the team bag, we started to wonder where it was. We concluded that Yvonne was the one who took it home after our last match, but she was on a holiday now… We cycled away with the thought that we were gonna have to tape numbers on our warm-up shirts. Luckily, we found out that apparantly, Yvonne had brought the team bag to Silke, so that was a huge relief.

Having arrived in the sports hall, we had to wait for more than half an hour before we could start our warming-up, because the match before us was taking way too long. On top of that, the referee decided that she would first take a nice long shower before coming to the match, so we started really late. Last time we beat TweeVV in Wageningen with 3-1, but we were not so happy about losing that one set, so now we wanted to win them all!

In the first set, they turned out to be quite weak and even though it took us a while to create a big gap on the scoreboard, it was already clear that we could easily beat them if we would really try our best. The second set however, TweeVV surprised us with some nice service series and in combination with the many mistakes we made, we helped them to a setpoint. Lucky for us, ladies 3 and the genst had already arrived to cheer for us! We finally woke up and made a few nice points, winning this nervebreaking set.

After the second set, TweeVV seemed to be giving up on the match. Like the first set, we had more service pressure and they did not even get close to winning the 3rd or 4th set, so the 4-0 was in our pockets!

After a really hot shower in our sauna dressing room, most of us settled in the canteen for some nice patat appelmoes (the bartender did not quite understand the concept of mayonaise) and we also watched the game of ladies 3, but it seemed they had not been learning from watching us…

Then, we had Domino’s pizza again (must be the influence of our coach) and sat front row at the match of VV Prins together with ladies 3. It was a nice day!

TweeVV saying that now that they have a home match, they should have the benefit of having a lot of supporters, but luckily there were twice as many people cheering for us! Thanks 🙂