Final score: WaHo DS 3 – Scylla DS 3 (3-2)

Friday (26th October) we played against another team from Wageningen: Scylla. According to the ranking, we were going to win this match, however, we still had to prove this of course. Contrary to the other home matches, we played at 21:30 o’clock, so we could warm up our throats by cheering Gents 1 to the victory. They showed us how it has to be done! Of course we also wanted to do this, but even better with 5 points.

At least we proved that we lost our starting problems at the beginning of each match. However, we still needed to get going during the first set, but we got the hang of it and won the first set with 25-20!

Also, the second set was ours, so the first two points of the match were quickly ours. This second set was won with 25-22. We showed nice attacks and the opponent could not keep up with our speed. Unfortunately we slowed down our progress in the third set we when had a little break down. Maybe, we lost our Danoontje powerrr, or we had too much of Danoontje powerr. Our attacks either hit the net or landed outside the field. Scylla knew very well how to handle this and showed their good side and took the set from us with 25-19.

We needed to retrieve ourselves. Although, we like playing long and fun games, we were not planning on playing a fifth set. Unfortunately, this dream did not become a reality. We were still a little stuck in our misfortune and lost the set with 25-23. It was an exciting set in which Scylla showed that they had grown in the game and were a good match.

As easily as we got bad luck in the third and fourth set, we returned the favour in the fifth set. We found our strength again and showed who really was the best playing team. In this set we totally destroyed Scylla with 15-4. So a 3-2 victory was ours!

The public on the stands was not to blame, we were very happy with with the WaHooligans who came to support us to victory.

Next week, on thursday the 8th of November, we will play our next match in Barneveld against SSS ladies 5 at 21:00 o’ clock. We will of course do our best to take the victory and hopefully 5 points to the cantine, so please make sure the victory beer is ready!


Final score WaHo ds1 – Set up ’69 ds1 (4-0)

The walls of theBongerd saw some high class concentration on the volleyball field last Friday. Two teams who were very eager to win were ready for a nice match. Unfortunately there was (again) only one referee. In the end he did a decent job on his own, but it’s always better to have a second ref.

The flagship came to the court full of energy and positivity (and a belly full of potatoes). They did not think too much about what was going to go down. The goal was not to get distracted by the opponents or their coach. That is what in the end let to the victory of 4-0 against Set Up ’69 D1.

We started strong with the service pressure and we got back up again after a few mistakes. We heard that the opposite team will try to hit us as hard as they could. Luckily for us we have tall girls at the net, who could easily block their attacks and our tall ladies went around and over their blocks like it was a piece of cake. Spikes hit the floor and the opponents hard, while the services kept them under pressure. this led to a clean 25-18 first set win.

The second set was almost a copy of the first set. With beautiful blocks, attacks and hard services. A few communication errors couldn’t distract our ladies and the second set was won with 25-16.

The third set was a bit more difficult. After some own mistakes it took a little longer to get back on track. But after some good service series and amazing setting of Vaiva, which made it possible for the offense to score beautiful points, it was WaHo who won the third set with 25-21.

Now all that was left to do was win the last set for the bonus point, and that was just what our ladies did. 25-22 and the victory earned.

In conclusion, everyone gave 120% and did their part as supposed to. That was why the game went so smoothly as it did. It was a great team effort that let us take all 5 point and brought us to the 1st place of our pool after 5 matches played.

Peace out for the next weekend our FFF (Fans, Family and Friends).
See you on the 3rd November in Harderwijk where we will meet with VVH D1!



Match Report Ladies 9 October 12th

Final score: WaHo DS 9 – WaHo DS 8 (2-3)

This season, we started our year with a big win. And of course, we liked the taste of it and were hungry for more. This game, against ladies 8, was our chance to put ourselves on the map, as some already did last Tuesday.

The evening started with Sofia arriving five minutes  before the game, as per usual. However, that could not press the fun. With a positive mindset, we walked on the field, as always we were a bit too early and had to go back to the border of the line and try again. We heard the tribune shouting and sheering for us as we walked on the field. We would like to thank you all for coming to the game. Gents 1 might be a bit sad that they didn’t have anyone on the tribune for them.

The first set is always the hardest one. Like a bite of a melon. Once you get through that, the taste of sweet and tender fruit is reached. Our melon was quite hard as we lost the first set. But we were sure we would reach the flesh of the fruit in no time. With this attitude we got of the field and were cheered on by our wonderful coaches and fans.

Now, enough about melons, lets switch to peaches, because peaches have pit and we also had pit in the second set. We won. Ladies 8 got really getting scared all of the sudden! It was amazing.

The third set was more like a mango, because we had even more pit. We won again. This time, with even a bigger difference in points. It was marvellous.

We already proved we were not an easy apple to peel and it was not apple(tje) egg(je) to defeat us. However, we got too cocky and let our guards down. So, unfortunately, the fourth set we had to bite through the sour apple. We lost.

But we still had the fifth set to get things right! We had enough of our sour apple. We looked at  the fifth set and it turned out to be a giant dragon fruit. It looked amazing, but the reality was bad. We lost the set, and with that, the game. This was bitter like grapefruit, but we are still proud of what we’ve accomplished and we hope that we can keep on getting better! It certainly was a very exciting and challenging match against Ladies 8!

Match Report Gents 3 October 5th

Final Score: WaHo HS 3 – Nuovo HS 3 (2-3)

WaHo HS 3 had quite a rough and chaotic start this season, so we were very driven for the first win of the season. With a good but quite hungover atmosphere we entered the court with high spirits last Friday, the 5th of October. Our opponent was Nuovo HS 3, and they did not look as old and slow as we were used to, so we did not expect a sure victory.

But, against all odds, our hungover bodies turned out to start the match very solidly. We won the first set and spirits started to rise. The second set was nevertheless very chaotic, caused by Nuovo’s powerful substitute wing player. We were caught of guard that set, but we regained our confidence and pulled ourselves back together, dominating the third set with strong services.

Somehow, Nuovo managed to put more pressure on us, bringing back the chaos in our team. This resulted in a dramatic loss of the fourth set. But, humour and fun being our drivers, we started the fifth set with positive energy again. After a good start, we slowly lost control and after very tense last points, Waho HS3 unfortunately lost the fifth set with 12-15. With an end result of 2-3 we were a bit down at first, but one beer later the disappointment was pretty much gone.

May activities 2018; WaHo Open Tournament and WaHo Weekend

Since the match season has come to an end in April it was time to start the season filled with activities.

First up is the Open Tournament organized by our very own Waxie activity committee. This took place on Thursday May 17th and was open for all students. This year the theme was Fancy Freaky Fairytales. A lot of teams entered in fancy dress, for which an award was given to the best dressed team: the Board (Figure 1). After a full night of matches the winner was determined and was awarded with a cake and medals (Figure 2).

Figure 1. Best dressed team

Figure 2. Winning team of the Open Tournament WaHo 2018









After this amazing activity it was time for the WaHo weekend which was organized by the WeekendCie last weekend. Where 35 WaHooligans conquered the beautiful city of Weert in Limburg. On Friday evening, after the meatless dinner, we started with a pubquiz and drinking a couple of beers. After a short night and no complains about snoring people (yet), it was time for the Crazy 60. During this activity, a lot of funny challenges like wrapping people in toilet paper, putting a piece of vlaai in your mouth at once, or walking a dog were completed. It was a very hot  day, so everybody was happy  that we went to swimming pool the IJzeren Man after lunch. Here we enjoyed the sun and the swimming pools. In the evening we enjoyed a huge barbecue with a lot of meat to compensate for the healthy meal we had the day before. After the barbecue we chilled around a bonfire, had plenty of beer and wine and laughed a lot. The night was filled with crazy and funny moments like making fun of the snore of some people – we won’t mention their names of course (see Figure 3). All in all, it was a really nice weekend and we want to thank all the WaHooligans who joined the legendary weekend. See you next year!

Figure 3. WaHo weekend compilation

This upcoming month even more activities will take place, such as GNSK (8-10 June), the active members evening ALA (June 13th), the Harjaa grass tournament (15-17 June), and WISWA (June 23rd). We will report about all these activities so stay tuned!

Match Report Gents 4 February 9th

Final Score: Waho HS4 – Invicta HS3 (0-4)

Friday the 9th of February another day passed by. But after this awful day, a gorgeous
evening started. This evening, should be THE evening. Hours and hours of practise should
collide. The line-up was one of the most promising ever. A total number of 4 not injured and
fit players showed up. Although one of these 4 was Spanish, which is a disability itself.
Luckily, the Spanish Armada was not complete so our chances were still there.
The only Spanish present was Juan who unfortunately played his last match with us. The
moment you are reading this match report our poor friend will have succumbed to the
Spanish Flu. In Memoriam Juan Belda Llopis. 3 other players showed up, showing complete
dedication and excitement for the match, not like the absent players with weak excuses of
being on holiday in some foreign country. A skull fracture was not enough to keep our insane
friend Jari off the bench and even that piece of shait Krishanu was running, with a metal pin
in his ankle, for almost the whole match. Even one of the writers of this match report is a
WAHO-infidel temporarily recruited because of re-exams and us not having enough time
beforehand to write a decent report (looking at you PromoCie).
The opponents, our fellow team from Wageningen, Invicta HS3 looked very sharp, they even
had a libero. A tiny Chinese girl which had an incredibly good pass. Of course our intelligent
coach Evelien told us not to aim for her, so of course we played every ball at her because we
can’t aim for shit. Evelien got very disappointed at our disability to perform basic tasks, maar
gelukkig doet de mening van Evelien er #NietToe. Our other coach, Tjerk, was watching
drowsy at our match, most likely due to the beer in his bidon. Is anyone reading surprised? I
think not. Is anyone still reading this? I think not. Unfortunately he did not want to share his
beer with us, the greedy bastard.
Talking about greedy bastards, Genst 3 stole our pitch again, so the Wahooligan support was
lacking for us. So Gibran had to ruin his voice for our support. Is anyone surprised? I think
not. We look forward to next week when we play the derby against them, so we expect to
finally get the support we need and we think we deserve.
Who doesn’t like the underdog story? We do.

Oh yeah, we lost 4-0. Anyone wanting match related information, contact Ivo de Graaf.​

Match report Gents 3 January 12th & 16th

Final scores: WaHo HS 3 – SSS HS 8 (0-4) & Invicta HS 3 – WaHo HS 3 (4-0)

Not one, but two matches we can talk about! The only stupid thing about this is having to admit we lost both matches with 4-0…

On Friday, we played a match against SSS HS 8. Last time we won with 3-1, and had to win that match with 4-0. However, this time the tide was completely turned. Somehow, they managed to read our game and played very good. We had no response to their good game and lost every set. Only the second set was quite exciting ending in a 27-25 loss. Nobody really knew what happened, so we decided to let it pass and focus on our next match on Tuesday.

After a good training on Monday (with only 8 players) we had confidence in the match against Invicta HS 3. From experience some of us knew that they are always hard to beat, especially in ‘de Vlinder’. With Nicola as our new Opposite we started playing. The first two sets were pretty good from our side, however they still had the upper hand. At the end of the second set we were in front with 24-21, but unfortunately managed not to win that set. The third set was nothing special. However the fourth set was a special one, and not in a good way. Somehow we managed to get 10-1 behind, and we started to lose faith. After some changes in the field it went better, but we could only end with a score of  13 points.

It’s unfortunate that we lost two matches so close to each other. However we will fight back and will win matches again!

Match report Ladies 9 December 2017

You might wonder, huh, a match report from ladies 9, but I’ve never seen them play a match! Well,
you’re not wrong, we (sadly) never play a match in the Bongerd, we compete in the Olympia
Competition, which is held in the Olympia Hall. Our last match was cancelled because of the weather,
so we’ll have to write a report about our last match, which is now about 2 weeks ago. Now, let me
explain the Olympia competition real quick: you have 4 classes, 1 to 4, and we compete in the 4 th
class. Matches consist of 3 sets, which each take 20 minutes. So, each matches takes an hour to play.
Now, in our last match, something fun happened: our whole team was complete, so we were 12
ladies strong. In the Olympia Competition, almost everything is allowed, so half way through the 2 nd
set, we switch the whole team! A new setter, dia, two new outsiders and middles! It was insane, but
at the same time really fun. In the end, we sadly didn’t win the game, we lost 2 sets and tied 1. But,
we had to compete against the number 1 of our poule, and we played a good match, so it didn’t feel
like we lost.

We think it is about time we play a match in the Bongerd! Go Foxies!!

Love, Ladies 9

Match report Ladies 6 October 17th

Final score: WaHo DS 6 – Excelsior DS 1 (0-4)

After an intensive and fanatic training, the atmosphere in the team was very good and was ladies 6 ready for the upcoming match at the 17 November. Before the match, we all ate dinner together to have our tummies completely filled up and to enhance the team bonding that nothing can stop us anymore. That the opponent was ranked third on the nevobo composition scheme did not affect our good moods for the match at all! However, our one and only captain (Emma) was not present at this game and made us a little sad…she ditched us for a gala with a waho boy. Unfortunately, we lost the match with 4-0, but the opponent did have to fight for it as we did not give up that easily! Especially in the third set, almost all of Waho came to support us and the loud shouting intimidated our opponent a lot. Many songs were sang and aggressive, demotivated yells were shouted and perplexed our opponent completely and for a little while we got the upper hand in the game. We want to thank everyone who supported us that evening and for the very exciting match in the last set. Unfortunately in the end we still lost very close with 27-25. Nonetheless, a game can be won in two different ways, and although we lost the match, we won for ourselves. The team spirit will be from now on unbroken and we will continue to fight!

With love,

Ladies 6

PS: Your coach is very proud of you ladies!

Match Report Gents 3 November 10th

Final score: WaHo HS 3 – D.O.S. HS 3 (4-0)

When it comes to volleyball’s Heren 3e Klasse M, some of you might ask who D.O.S. HS 3 is. Well, that is the team that was defeated by WaHo HS 3 last Friday, although they played well throughout all four sets. Right from the beginning we stand as a team, cheering each other up, to be clearly victorious in the first set 25-16. Although the own mistakes were the greatest enemy in the following two sets we could decide them 25-19 and 25-22 for us. Some good attacks and strategic plays were enabled by precise sets that were from time to time difficult to play because of one or the other sloppy pass. However, our setters run a lot to make the best out of everything. Our teamwork tipped the balance in the end and helped us winning the second set. However, the teamwork did not work that well in the third set anymore. A lot of mistakes and wrong positioning breached a hole in our, till then, stable moral. More or less the first eight or nine points were lost already before we got our shit together in a timeout and get a motivating speech from our awesome trainer. The chase of set three started. That it got that close in the end was really unnecessary but even more relieving because it sealed the win of the match. Maybe the feeling of being already the winner gave us a huge self-confidence in the beginning of set four and made us play relieved. However, at two points to the ultimate win, we gave the opponent some free points due to unfocused and imprecise play which lead to the final result of 25-21. Ultimately, we deserved the 4-0 win and go confident and proud into the next training and match against an opponent that will give us a possible bigger task to chew on and fight for.

Cheers from the victorious with NO YELL, the rainbow high in the field that has Nick(s) against screaming like a Greek god, the too tall fucker that sneaky sets like a German veteran, the stoned, white haired wannabe stripper that is, OMG, so young and of course Tosti.