The BLOKletters is the committee which assembles the association magazine of WaHo which has the same name the committee has. The BLOKletters has 3 issues every year in which sorrows are written down, the latest gossip is shared and sometimes it’s even about volleyball. Every edition of the BLOKletters is based on a theme and is filled with stories from teams, information on what’s going on in WaHo,  interviews with team members, quizzes, funny quotes by WaHo members (The so-called BLOKjes), tournaments, etc; all you need to know can be found in the BLOKletters.

If you have input for the BLOKletters, like something nice you experienced with your team, some nice BLOKjes or if you need advice from Jacques, please feel free to contact the BLOKletters at so it could be shared with the rest of WaHo!

The editorial staff currently consists of: Arjen Bel, Lauke Bouter, Tim van Hoedt en Stella Omtzigt