The IntrodukCie organizes different activities in the beginning of the year to improve integration within the association. In the first 2 periods of the year we organize activities like a tournament, pubquiz and more. Also, we host an introduction party every year! We show you how WaHo likes to party, but is also a nice way to meet new people. By joining these activities, you do not only get to know your teammates, but other teams, the board and the IntrodukCie as well.

Besides organizing all the activities, we are always ready to make a nice chat. We love to meet new people and make you feel comfortable in our association. You can recognize us by our bright pink sweaters.

If you would like to contact us, please send an email to: or you can add us on facebook!

We hope to meet you soon!


The IntrodukCie

Current members: Manon Runhaar, Dirk Wevers, Lena Rutgers, Therese Brouwer, Meike Terpstra, Raúl Weijsters