Sinterklaas activity!

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Date(s) - 02/12/2015
7:30 am - 10:30 pm

Forum Building


Liebe Leute,

This year’s Sinterklaasactivity will once again be awesome! We booked a room in the forum and will have the usual activities, but better! It will take place on the 2nd of December at 19:30 and we will kick you all out at 22:30, so we have half an hour to clean up (help is welcome). After that we will continue with a yet undefined afterparty somewhere. We ask you all to buy small presents for a total of 5 euro’s and bring them, we’ll think of something fun to do with them. And make sure to spray some deodorant in your shoes before coming. We will make a Facebook event, if you want to join for this activity go and sign up on there so we have some kind of indication how many people to expect. The specific room where the event will take place will be known before the event itself. And last but not least, don’t forget to bring as much of your own alcohol as possible, as long as it’s not in glasses.

Lieber Lebber, Das WaXie?