Trainer: Ivo

Ivo’s story:
From December 1st 2015, Ivo Martinovic (’55) has joined the WaHo staff as a new volleyball trainer. Ivo was born in former Yugoslavia (now Bosnia) and is living with his wife and son in Arnhem. He has been a professional in volleyball since he was 18, first as a player in former Yugoslavia, Spain, Belgium and Switzerland. Later he coached several premier league teams, including the Bosnian National team and as an assistant to the Dutch National team. Since 2007, Ivo has been trainer and coach of Prins/VCV Veenendaal, who are playing premier league since 2008. Wherever he is and whatever team he trains, passion is a key word to Ivo. Although he’s making a living of the sport, the joy in the game is what keeps him going. Volleyball to Ivo is not even a goal in itself. For him, volleyball is a means to create personal growth and to teach about communication, cooperation and teamwork under pressure. His method of training and coaching gets the best out of players, both as a volleyball player and as a person. Adding to his work as a trainer, he also does power speeches, workshops and lectures for NOC*NSF and other organizations, as well as masterclasses for topcoaches in all kinds of sports.

At WaHo we are blessed with the addition of such a wonderful trainer and person. We are happy to welcome him at the WaHo family and we hope that he will stay with us for many more years to come!

Ivo trains the following teams: