Trainer: Tomas

Tomas’s story:

“I’m Tomas van Leersum and since the season of 2017-2018 I train Ladies 2 and Gents 1 on mondays. Until the age of 17 I played volleyball in Wageningen and surroudings. Starting in my younger years, I got acquainted with the student volleybal club WaHo via my uncle Jacques van Leersum. At the age of 17, I went to live in Groningen and studied at the Academy for Physical Health. For 10 years, I’ve been a member of the biggest student volleyball club of the Netherlands, namely GSVV Donitas, which is located in Groningen. As a volleyball player, I played in Donitas Gents 1 on national level (1st division and topdivision) for 7 years, I’ve been a boardmember and, since the start of my first year, I’ve been a volleybal trainer and coach of the Ladies and Gents playing 2nd class up to (and including) 2nd division of the University of Groningen. In 2017, I’ve returned from a year of traveling and ended up living in the middle of the Netherlands. This season, I combine giving training at WaHo with playing volleybal myself, at Cito Gents 1 in Zeist (topdivision). 

Student volleyball in Groningen made me into the person, the volleyballer and the trainer/coach that I am today. Besides that, I’ve collected a lot of valuable contacts during my time at Donitas. At the Bongerd and at WaHo I really recognize the same kind of ambiance, but also the space for development. Therefore, I’m really looking forward to contribute to WaHo using the experiences that I’ve gained at student volleyball in Groningen, while training and coaching. Thats why I’m really excited to be active as a trainer at WaHo the next upcoming years.”

Tomas trains the following teams: