On this page WaHo members can sign up for the Lustrum activities and order one of the Lustrum
Packages and different Lustrum Merchandise products! If you want to sign up or place an order,
you can simply click on the picture of the activity/package/merchandise you are interested in.
You will be directed to a google form that you have to fill out.
More information about prices, locations, specifications of each activity and merchandise is available via this link.
Please keep in mind, when you bought the Lustrum Package, we assume you will be present at
all the activities included in this package. This means you do not have to sign up for all the
activities separately and you do not have to order the merchandise, since merchandise is
included in both Lustrum Packages. When you will not join one of the activities in your Lustrum
Package, please inform us by sending an e-mail to

Kisses from the LustrumCie!

Ordering is not possible on mobile devices.

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