WaHo members have the possibility to order different types of WaHo merchandise. Right now these types of merchandise consist of  shorts, pants, sports  bags, vests, socks, caps, sunglasses and water bottles. If you want to place an order you can simply click on the picture or the link below of the type of product you’re interested in. This will redirect you to a google form where you can let us know your size and preferences about the product, so we can order it for you.

For most products, an order can only be placed when there are more than 5 orders in total for that kind of merch. In case there aren’t enough orders, we will let you know.

During the volleyball season there will be two order periods. The next deadline will be the 10th of October. Of course you can still place an order after this deadline, but when you do, you will only receive your order later in the year at the next order period.

More information such as the price, sizes and specification of each of the products on offer are available via this link.

Smooches from the ShirtCie!


Click here to buy your favorite merch:
Lustrum scarf
Lustrum tankard
Old match shirt or vest
Personal WaHo sports bag
Personal WaHo vest
WaHo bidon
WaHo cap
WaHo shorts
WaHo socks
WaHo sunglasses
WaHo trainings pants

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