Final score: WaHo DS 4 – TweeVV DS 3 (3-2)

We were really excited for this match. Last time we played against TweeVV, we had a really close match. Unfortunately, we lost that one with 3-1, however the sets were very close and could have gone either way. So, we hoped that this time we would win in the end. There was a great ambiance, we were dancing and running at the same time.

We started the first set with Anniek, Carmen, Caya, Imke, Laura and Regina and our libero Anna. During the whole set we were pretty even. Both teams made a lot of points on the middle, however we scored with some tactical balls as well. Anna, our amazing libero, defended all the tactical balls of TweeVV, too bad for them. While the field team was really focused on scoring points, the bench with Eline, Leanne, Loes, Maryse and Senna was singing the whole time. It resulted in a win for us.

The second set, Loes and Leanne substituted Caya and Imke. The energy was really good and we started this set with a lead, when the first time out was called by TweeVV. Nardy was giving some tips and motivated us to keep up the good work. We were working really hard, however we had some difficulties with one of their services. So, Nardy needed to make some chances to get the serve back on our side. In the end, we won the set by working for each other, singing, playing tactical, spiking but mostly just by fighting.

Apparently our match wasn’t that exciting, the whole tribune thought it was time for beers and the hall became silent when we started with the third set. This time we started with Eline and Senna instead of Carmen and Laura. Unfortunately, we started a few points behind early on in the set. Even with some substitutes, a very active bench and some nice points, we did not manage to win this set.

The fourth set, we started with the idea that this would be the final set of today’s game and would lead us to a 3-1 victory. However, this confidence was lost fast when TweeVV started again with good services, to which we did not have a reply. Unfortunately we could not turn this set around and lost this one as well. The referee and counters were not very happy, as they were also very eager to drink some beers, so we promised them we would try and win the 5th set as fast as possible.

So the win all depended on this 5th and last set of the game. We started with Eline, Laura, Caya, Regina, Maryse and Leanne. The tribune was full again and cheering for us. We started really strong, as were determined to win this set and not let the victory slide. TweeVV gave some resistance with their good services, which got them back in the game. However, this time we kept fighting till the end won the game with 3-2.

We celebrated this victory some drinks and with a cake made by Maryse, since her birthday started at 12 o’clock that night. (If you were in the Bongerd, you might have heard us singing in the dressing room)


Final score: WaHo DS 9 – Excelsior DS 2 (0-4)

Last Friday, we had quite an eventful match. It started with the search for Aniek’s home, which was all the way on the other side of Wageningen, even further than the Haarweg. When everybody finally found it, we had a delicious meal with many amusing stories from Merle and Ilse found her secret talent.

Then, the long way to the Bongerd began, in which we lost two people. After a while, we were finally complete and ready to play. The first set was pure chaos. We only just started with positions and it seemed like everybody forgot everything our amazing trainers have ever taught us. After two minutes, Karin decided to ignore the positions and that definitely improved the play. We lost.

And the next set we almost won, but didn’t. And the third we lost again, despite Ilse’s legendary head ball. There she stood, arms ready to receive the ball, but before it could get to her, she calmly withdrew them and hit the ball with her head so majestically that everybody was in shock. Because of this, the beautifully passed ball could not be transformed into an attack. So sad. The fourth set we also lost.

After this, we retreated to the canteen: defeated but still proud of Ilse. Here, we talked about almost every horrible tv program visible on the Dutch tv. After that, we called it a day and went home to our warm beds.


Final score: Trivos DS 2 – WaHo DS 2 (3-1)

New year, new chances! This was our very first match in 2019, and we were excited to start the year well and bring some points back to Wageningen. With Nynke gone to ladies 1, but Vero1 back into the team we felt quite ready for this match. We did have some start –up problems during the day: We started the day kind of sad because Eline felt too sick to play (we also may have been kind of happy about it as we now had enough space in the cars to bring everybody home (sorry, Eline)). After arriving in Wijchen, we found out that Lutskes quick fix of gluing the number on Fenna’s beautiful #1  shirt didn’t survive the holiday (see picture).

Luckily we had extra shirts so that problem was quite easily fixed.
After waiting another half hour on way too comfortable couches, and reading their not very positive comments on us in their program booklet, we finally could start warming up.
After warming up, we went to change from our warm-up shirts into the match shirts, when Nella found out that her shirt was missing from the bag! And as the referee already started the match she could not change her number anymore. Luckily we had a match shirt which had lost its number, so with creative thinking and some tape we managed to fix this problem as well (see picture 2).
Even after all this we managed to play very well, and win a set from the (then) number 6 in our poule.

BTW we might start up some sort of sponsoring action to get Emma some new arm sleeves as she is defending & diving so hard she’s getting holes in them….


Final score: WaHo HS 4 – Xanthos HS 4 (1-3)

Last Friday we played a match against Xanthos HS4. It was our last match before Christmas break, so we had to take this opportunity to get some set points we desperately needed. You have to know that in the ranking we are currently at the 12th place, so there is room for going up in the ranking. Playing against Xanthos (11th place in ranking) was the perfect opponent for this task.

We started of with a nice first set, which we won, due to our skills, enthusiasm, group spirit and energy. We had some nice attacks and even the serves went fine, which normally can be regarded as point for improvement for the next training.

With a nice winning spirit we started the second set, but somehow we started to make mistakes and lost the set. But it was a close call and both team really wanted to win the game.

In the third set you felt the rivalry between the teams got stronger. You have to know that at our level sometime we make mistakes (foot errors and net errors are not uncommon). So the two people from Xanthos started to make it clear to the referee that they didn’t like our way of playing. But the match continued.

But then, someone from our team lifted the ball (een onvervalste schepbeweging) but the referee didn’t whistle for it, so the people from Xanthos got annoyed again. So what do you do in such a situation as a grown up person? The next ball you get, you don’t hit the ball as you normally do. No, you catch it with both hands and throw it back. Of course the referee will whistle for it, and then you can start to complain that it was exactly what Waho did, and you say you were thinking it was a basketball game.

Apart from that small incident, the match continued as usual. In the end we lost the 3rd and 4th set as well, but we had worked hard for it. We won the first set, which made that evening fantastic and memorable, since we doubled our point in the ranking from 1 to 2!! With that results we can enjoy our Christmas break and focus on the second part of the season!


Final score: D.O.S. HS1 – WaHo HS2 (3-1)

Friday the 7th of December. It was the day of the release of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The day of the release of the first trailer for Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame. But most importantly, it was the day of the next match of WaHo Gents 2. And it was not just any match, we had to defend our first place against D.O.S. HS 1 who were close behind us in second place.

Our match preparation was a bit wacky this time. As usual, we had dinner at Guido’s place and played some Super Smash Bros. But when we had to leave there were some logistic issues. After a head counting, we found out not everyone would be able to fit in the cars, so someone had to go by public transport and miss part of the first set. Ultimately, Ivar sacrificed himself for the team (we owe him big time for this), and we raced to Lunteren where we had to play our match.

We also had some coach problems because Evelien couldn’t be there this time </3. But the legendary combo of Arno and Birgit helped us through the match. Also, Mór was especially impressed by the balls of the opponent. He liked to play with them very much.

Oh yes, about the match. Let’s talk about how that went.

We started the first set with Aiko on set, Bram on diagonal, Hera and Eus on outside, and Arjen and Guus on the middle. Furthermore, Guido had to swap his red match shirt for a white one this game because last week his knee decided to let him down again. So he played as our libero.

Determined we started the first set. Over the last few weeks our service had been our weak spot, but this game it went smoothly as f*ck. Also our pass was amazing, and Aiko could give every set he wanted. Short story, the set went great. But towards the end we made some mistakes and gave the opponent room to catch up with us. And well.. they did. After some nerve-wrecking rally’s and match points we ultimately lost the first set 27-25.

For the second set Ivar replaced Hera on the outside and Mór replaced Aiko on set. We scored the first point and immediately Ivar scored four more with his service. We started out great with a 5-0 advantage for us. The set itself went just as good as the first one, only this time we didn’t give our opponents any chance to come back. With 25-18 and some big grins on our face we easily took the second set from them.

Somehow the third set was erased from all of our minds by some mysterious high power. None of us knows what happened there, only that we started the fourth set knowing that we needed to get to the fifth set to still be able to win.

The line-up of the fourth set was the same as the second one. But our opponents didn’t gave it away as easily this time. We played well, but our pass was a bit off, and so were the sets. In the end, we just couldn’t score points anymore and the opponents created a big point gap in the score. At 24-15 behind, we managed to come back to 24-20. But that wasn’t enough as we lost the set 25-20, and the game with it.

Ultimately we could only take 1 point back to Wageningen, but we will have a sweet revenge on DOS when they come to us in the Bongerd. We’ll make sure to turn the tables then, and get our points back.


Final score: Heyendaal DS 12 – WaHo DS 7 (2-3)

Last Thursday we (ladies 7) travelled to Nijmegen. This is a familiar place for Sophie, as she has played a lot of volleyball matches there in the past. Prepared as we are (for the traffic jams around rush hour) we arrived in Nijmegen on time. We had a lot of motivation to do our very best, because this team had only 3 points more than we and had played 2 games less. We knew it would be an exciting match! We even brought supporters from Wageningen: Douwe and Hera came to cheer us on ?

In the first set, we played very well. We made no mistakes, the pass arrived at the setter perfectly, the setter set the ball perfectly, and the attack was amazing. Therefore, we won this set with 25-15. This gave us a lot of confidence! Playing so well against a team that was some places higher in the competition.

In the second set, we switched all players. They had to warm up a little but finished it amazingly well. This set was also won by us with 25-17!

In the third set, we started worse than in the first two sets. We even lost a lot of points which made the other team gain on us. The opponent started to receive our attacks better and they started attacking better themselves too. In the end, we fought really hard, but unfortunately, we lost this set with 27-25.

In the fourth set we were not playing very well anymore either. This set was lost as well. As we are known for our 5-set-games, we had done it again: we had to play the fifth set. In this season, we had not won a fifth set ever. But we really really really wanted to! So, very we were very anxious to start the fifth set. With professional coaching from Bram, we eventually won this set! Finally!

With a sporty and nice feeling, we travelled back to Wageningen. On our way home, we even picked up a straggler called Douwe… ?



Final score: Nuovo DS 2 – WaHo DS 6 (1-3)

Saturday, the 24th of November, is a black page in the history books written about team ‘Foxies’. It all started so innocent travelling by bus to Doorwerth as a team (euhum). Only two players were so brave (or stubborn, depending on your point of view) to travel by bicycle. Meeting up in Doorwerth we were excited to play our match against Nuovo D2, as they could give us some resistance and maybe even ruin our 4-0 winning streak. Unfortunately our libero was missing (probably too scared to lose our 4-0 winning streak), although we managed to step out of the dressing room confidently and excited to win this match. Glancing at the audience we saw the grandparents of Eva, our wing, cheering and waving at us. Later in the match even Jacques could be spotted in the public admiring our volleyball skills. The first set flew by as did our serves and smashes, giving Nuovo only 10 points before winning this small game. In the second set we continued pressuring our opponents, however they gave us more resistance, ending up with a score of 18-25 in favor of the ‘Foxies’. And now comes the hardest part to talk about, the phenomenon that made the history page turn black. As we really began to feel the hole our libero Maree left behind, we started to play more and more sloppy. Nuovo took their chance and pinned a couple of balls right in the middle as we stood paralyzed looking at how the ball hit the ground. We left the field stunned by a 25-20 defeat. Luckily, we managed to come back and we won the fourth set with 18-25, still taking happily 4 points to Waggatown.


Final score: WaHo DS 8 – SSS DS 10 (4-0)

Hello dear WaHosi!

Last Friday, the illustrious Ladies 8 played their ninth match of the season against SSS Ladies 10. Due to a shortage in personnel, two players from Ladies 6 were recruited and Erianne and Eva joined for the match. After solving this problem, the team was ready to go!

After a majority of the team devoured a healthy meal at Nicky’s place, everybody met up at dressing room 3 to change in the lovely – albeit a bit suffocating – WaHo red. The next stop was field 3, where we were scheduled to play. The whole hall was an organised chaos with members from all teams building their fields and walking everywhere. In this chaos, SSS managed to find our field as well and started their warming up.

Because we have a slight problem of over- and/or underestimating our opponents we entered the field cautiously. It turned out it wasn’t going to be too hard to beat SSS. The first set was won with 25 – 9. The next set wasn’t all too different. We quickly managed to take a vast lead due to a nice service series by Erianne. We didn’t give this lead away and won the second set by 25 – 3. The third set got the same result as the first: 25 – 9. To give this set extra flair, the last point was scored by playing the ball through the basketball hoop which is quite the achievement.

The last set proved to be whole other story. Contrary to the previous three sets, SSS quickly took the lead and was determined to keep it that way. They almost got their way and we had to work hard to turn it all around. SSS was frustrated began to whine to the referee but drew a blank. Finally, WaHo drew the longest straw and this set was also won with 25 – 21.

Next week on Thursday, we will take on SSS once again. This time, however, on their home turf. Will Supertakkie and his team emerge from this lion’s den as the winners? We’ll see.


Final Score: WaHo DS 4 – BSVO DS 2 (4-0)

After a good meal cooked by Leanne in the jungle, with a Hamster stealing our food we eager to get to the Bongerd and play our match. We walked into our regular changing room, and looked the opponent straight in the eye, so we decided to go somewhere else. After some bad music during our warming up (thanks to gents 2) we were ready to play our match!

We started with Eline, Maryse, Caya, Senna, Anniek, Loes and our substitute Libero Leanne. For a moment, we made them believe they had a chance against us. But then we decided what we got in our Mars. Loes and Maryse served us back into the match, we went up and over. Finally, we came to a 25-17 set victory!

Since we did well the first set, Nardy decided to let everyone stand. We had some really nice attacks and good services. During the set, we had 2 substitute players Anna and Regina, who were smashing them away. Furthermore, we were singing like nightingale at the top of our lungs, which resulted in 25-14!

The third set, we started with new spirit, Carmen and Laura joined Anna, Anniek, Loes, Regina and Leanne in the field. With this set-up we played with our tallest team, which resulted in a massive advantage at the net. And again, we had lot of service pressure, so we decide to set the goal to keep them under 5. Unfortunately, we failed because it resulted in 25-7. Too bad, no free beers!

Now we of course wanted to take all of the points, so we were determined to win the 4th set as well. However we were warned since the last game BSVO played the also lost the third set with a monster score (25-5) but they came bake and won the set  with 30-28. But with our power team consisting of Caya, Regina, Carmen, Laura, Maryse, Anna and Leanne we were determined not to let that scenario play out. And we didn’t, we also won this set! This was our second victory of the season. Fun fact: so far every match we won was with a 4-0 victory!


Final score: WaHo DS 3 – Scylla DS 3 (3-2)

Friday (26th October) we played against another team from Wageningen: Scylla. According to the ranking, we were going to win this match, however, we still had to prove this of course. Contrary to the other home matches, we played at 21:30 o’clock, so we could warm up our throats by cheering Gents 1 to the victory. They showed us how it has to be done! Of course we also wanted to do this, but even better with 5 points.

At least we proved that we lost our starting problems at the beginning of each match. However, we still needed to get going during the first set, but we got the hang of it and won the first set with 25-20!

Also, the second set was ours, so the first two points of the match were quickly ours. This second set was won with 25-22. We showed nice attacks and the opponent could not keep up with our speed. Unfortunately we slowed down our progress in the third set we when had a little break down. Maybe, we lost our Danoontje powerrr, or we had too much of Danoontje powerr. Our attacks either hit the net or landed outside the field. Scylla knew very well how to handle this and showed their good side and took the set from us with 25-19.

We needed to retrieve ourselves. Although, we like playing long and fun games, we were not planning on playing a fifth set. Unfortunately, this dream did not become a reality. We were still a little stuck in our misfortune and lost the set with 25-23. It was an exciting set in which Scylla showed that they had grown in the game and were a good match.

As easily as we got bad luck in the third and fourth set, we returned the favour in the fifth set. We found our strength again and showed who really was the best playing team. In this set we totally destroyed Scylla with 15-4. So a 3-2 victory was ours!

The public on the stands was not to blame, we were very happy with with the WaHooligans who came to support us to victory.

Next week, on thursday the 8th of November, we will play our next match in Barneveld against SSS ladies 5 at 21:00 o’ clock. We will of course do our best to take the victory and hopefully 5 points to the cantine, so please make sure the victory beer is ready!